Stay tuned for UrbanPeek’s first articles

Stay tuned for UrbanPeek’s first articles

Months of work and effort is what it took us to put together our first website, discovering a whole new world of web design and coding language (as I’m an architect and my wife is an economist), building our blog was quiet an intriguing adventure, especially in today’s world where the blogosphere has evolved dramatically in the past 5-10 years accommodating millions of blogs covering all niches. With blogs like Gizmodo, TechCrunch, Engadget, ArchDaily, and others setting the rules in their niches, seeing ourselves blogging was a challenge.  So we decided to start a one step at a time trip to build our blog.  I have managed to finalize the website’s design with some fine tuning left, and working now on our content, hoping to deliver rich entertaining information to our readers.

I would also like to give credits to the bloggers that have inspired us and taught us the key elements of blogging. Thanks to ProBlogger, Daniel Scocco at Dialyblogtips, Ghris Garrett, Sebastien page’s iPhone blog, Redmond pie, and alot others that have managed to mark their spot in the blogging world.

Wish us luck! Please feel free to let us know what you think of our website’s design in the comments section. Stay tuned for our first articles :)

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  • slyvka

    Great job, guys!!!
    Wish you luck, joy and lots of creative days!!! :))

    • RS

      Thank you Julie, I’m glad you like it so far :)

    • OD

      Thank you dear! we hope we keep it interesting :)

  • Jermaine Hayton

    Say, you got a nice article post. Cool.

    • RS

      Thank you

  • Zorba

    I like, good luck

    • RS

      Great !

  • A.Wattar

    brilliant!! a great step, & good luck. ;D

    • RS

      Thanks for the feedback man

  • Sameh Gamal

    Rush thats a great job
    wish best of luck for both of u
    if u need any help here just let me know

    • RS

      Thank you man!

  • Amr Amer

    Good work man,,,and do your best.

    • RS

      Thank you Amr !

  • somaia Aly

    Good luck for both of u

    • RS

      Thank you very much. keep your eyes on us

  • Rashed

    Thank you for your feedback. As you can tell we’re still pretty much kicking off, so i’m not quiet sure about getting listed.

  • gun safes

    Ok I am using a RSS feed thingy on windows 7 but how can I get your feed? When I click on the RSS icon thing I get only like halfe articles, I can’t read that on my desktop. I would have to go to your site every single time!

    • Rashed

      The Rss feeds will always show you a preview of the article, and if the topic of a certain post is interesting to you, you would have to click on the Read more link to take you to the website. Also you can subscribe to get the full articles in your email inbox; so if you’re using outlook express or any other mail client the articles would be fully delivered to your desktop :)

  • M. Ehab

    I like everything about this site specially the pages design (Simple – Presentable& Professional)
    Rashed ya Deplomasyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ;)
    Good work bro keep it up

  • Rashed

    Thanks man! keep following us :)

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