The Awakening

The Awakening

As the whole world has been following, Egypt’s ruling regime has fallen after one of the most peaceful gathering for protesters worldwide.  The gathering was estimated to have reached by the end of their revolution days around 20 million protesters craving for change, freedom, social justice and higher living standards with the choice of who represent them as their ruler. This happening, it gave the youth of the country a tremendous feeling of hope towards a brighter future and a stronger will to develop their country.  With hope come ideas to rebuild and restore one of the world’s oldest civilizations, a country that was denied the right to properly develop over the past 3 decades because of no more than personal greed.

I would like to dedicate the first article on our blog to Egypt and the brave Egyptian people that have demonstrated the way to stand up for our rights.

Coming up: The parallel valley of Egypt


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  • Marina

    Yep, but everything has its limit and those brave people are already going to destroy their country!
    Yep, it was great! But nobody wants to stop and go to build, if they could have a right they would never leave Tahrir!
    And it’s going to be sad

    • Rashed

      For every recorded revolution in history, recovery time has been the hardest and countries would be at their most vulnerable status at that time. With the examples of the revolutions happening in other Arab countries, Egypt is considered pretty lucky. Your totally right about the chances of self destruction Egypt faces, but its up to educated people to inject the positive spirit with the hope of surpassing the critical phase safely. Thanks for your interest

  • sara

    hi rush i like very much this first article and the idea… that a revolutionary site to rebuild? good work

    • Rashed

      Thank you Sara, well its not really a revolutionary website, its more aimed at the world’s urban society we live in, starting from buildings to streets to cities to urban behavior. But, my first article had to go out to Egypt in an effort to spread the idea of rebuild through showing proposals with great potential as a part of urban development. hope we keep it interesting

  • Leeann Tatsapaugh

    Amazing site

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