A Tiny World – Miniatur Wunderland

A Tiny World – Miniatur Wunderland

Once upon a time, in July 2000 twins Frederik and Gerrit Braun decided to bring their childhood dream to life. They decided to build the largest model of miniature railway in the world.  Despite of all the difficulties they expected to meet on the way to their achievement, the result was, literally, Wonderland. The project was implemented in the hometown of the Braun brothers, Hamburg, Germany, with a loan of 2 million D-marks and a team of more than 150 personnel.

By 2007, their great efforts produced 1000 square meters of model area exhibiting railway connections around Europe and America. Today they reached 6400 square meters with a planned expansion to 10000 square meters by 2020.

“The Miniatur Wunderland was our daydream which we are able to live now.” Frederik and Gerrit Braun.

With ecstatic modeling details, The Miniatur Wunderland now consists of 7 complete construction areas (Harz, Knuffingen, Austria, Hamburg and the coast, America, Scandinavia, Switzerland) with the 8th area, Knuffingen Airport, recently launched on May 4th 2011.

There are also open-to-view workshops where you can see yourself the whole process of creating miniatures. The best part of this little world is that it’s instantly growing. Plans are prepared till 2020: Italy, France, maybe England, Africa or futuristic landscapes.

Take a peek on Wunderland

Watch the official video

You can also read the inspiring full story of the Brauns brothers success on Miniatur Wunderland’s website

[Source & Photography copyrights: Miniatur Wundeland]

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