Home Automation – The next level

Home Automation – The next level

Just 10 days ago, Electronic house magazine have announced their 2011 Electronic House of the year.  Belonging to owners Angie and Shannon Davis of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA; they have taken their 5,500-square foot contemporary craftsman estate to the next level of home automation. We’ve seen lights that switches on automatically at dusk, curtains that close/open with a clap, room auto temperatures adjusted.  But an iron that warms up automatically a few minutes before you start pressing, or a chandelier that flashes in the powder room to indicate shortage of toilet paper, or a shower that presets the water temperature and pressure to your desire; these are brand new uncommon features.  Also installed are tiny sensors to deactivate the lights 30 minutes after they detect that the room is unoccupied, and trigger pathway lighting in the hallway to the bathroom when a child has gotten out of bed at night, and more of these amazing options.  This all runs on, the painless – as Shanon Davis describes it, Savant automation systems.

Whats even cooler about Savant that it runs on Apple-based operating systems, which makes Shannon and Angie use their remote controls application on their iDevices.  With 8 iPads, 8 iPhones, 4 iPod touches and a few Macs within their household, whether its the iPad mounted on the wall or the iPhone in their pocket, everything in their house is just a click away.

Electronic house quotes: “It may seem an easy matter to fill up a bathtub or start a shower, but for Angie and Shannon Davis, being able to do so from an iPad is quicker and more convenient. They can hit the start button while tucking the kids in bed, then step into a bath that’s already drawn at the perfect water temperature. And because the system provides presets for each user, HD Media Systems included those commands on the iPad and other home control interfaces. Shannon’s shower button sets the water temperature, showerheads and velocity to his liking; Angie’s button does the same for her.”

When it comes to party time in the Davis residence, Angie says “We had at least 400 people here for an open house around Christmas, we had a playlist of music playing through the entire house and pictures of our house being built displayed on every TV. Fifteen zones of virtually undetectable Sonance in-ceiling speakers delivered the audio; and 10 displays, including a 110-inch Vutec screen in the media room.” - it all starts with just tapping the Party button.

The house’s backyard is also a welcoming spot with 13 Sonance weatherproof speakers that line the perimeter, and a custom-designed 55-inch weatherproof LED TV that’s recessed into the cladding of an outdoor fireplace.

Watch what the Davis residence is capable of:

After seeing what the Davis family have done with their house, how would you want to automate yours?  Would you take it that far?

[Source: Electronic house magazine]

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  • slyvka

    I dont mind to have such house))

  • http://www.e-relativity.com Bryan Costa Rica

    This is great until some one hacks your house… If a person can gain access to top secret government files, I don’t think hacking a house will pose much of a problem. Ill stick to good old fashion deadbolts.

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