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Share the Knowledge

Today marks the end of our second week of publishing :) with 15 articles in our archives. Launching our blog was the harvest of 7 months of unexpected detailed amount of work. For me building a website was an unknown field that arouses my geeky curiosity. I’ve been  a loyal fan of some greatly useful blogs for a few years now, and I always got a very dynamic vibe from the mechanism of blogs, and the social interaction they create.  You read the article, you like it, you share it, got more curious you ask a question, start a discussion, show your approval, or suggest a suggestion.  Its like a 24 hours live debate of never-ending information exchange, all this just ignited us more with web fever, and we decided to build our own weblog. Its launch witnessed my wife and I going through mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety awaiting our readers first reaction and feedback to the efforts we have put in, and the primary result was a treat, yet alot is left to build and enjoy and we will always be on the tip of our toes trying to deliver the freshest informative content to our beloved readers.  Thank you for your support.

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  • Ahmed Ali

    Keep up the good work :)

    • Rashed

      Thanks !

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