The Evolution of a Bottle

The Evolution of a Bottle

Coca Cola advertisement - 1900

The Coca Cola Company is celebrating 125 years of production of their infamous cola drink. It was initially sold as a patent medicine for five cents a glass at soda fountains, which were popular in the United States at the time due to the belief that carbonated water was good for the health, the bottled product came later.  The taste was always the same but not the bottling, which kept developing as time passed . This is a brief look on the evolution of the Coca Cola bottle design.

The 1899: The original Coca-Cola bottle didn’t have anything in common with the one we are used to, it’s design was more square with embossed glass.

The first bottle

The 1900-1916: The Coca-Cola bottle starts to look more as we know it, curves appeared in the geometry of the bottle as well as a diamond shaped sticker with the Coca-Cola logo.

The Coca Cola bottle with diamond shaped sticker

The Root Glass Company in 1915 gave the coke bottle its famous look. The bottle designer, Earl R. Dean found his inspiration in the cocoa pod and replicated it into the coca cola’s bottle. The decision to mold was approved within 24 hours since the design was made and in November 1915 bottle got the patent. The original design never made it to life because of a little mistake: its mid-height diameter was fairly larger  than its base making it an unstable product.

The original failed design

As soon as Dean decreased the middle diameter the coke bottle was on a conveyor production.

The modified design

The 1923: The bottle got its patent renewed on December 25th, 1923, also presented a special bottle design edition for the Christmas season which has become a target for collectors. Names of the manufacturing cities were imprinted on the base of the bottles.


The 1957


The 1961: the 75th anniversary Coca-Cola bottle.

75th anniversary bottle - 1961

Lots of alterations were present on the market till 1993 when the 20 oz plastic bottle we still use nowadays was manufactured.


The Coca Cola bottle timeline

Happy 125th anniversary Coca-Cola

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    I’m a pepsi guy.. but nice one :D

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      Pepsi is more sugary my man, Cola is THE drink :)

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  • Moises

    Ummm, how were Cola-cola treating their workers, local villagers whose wells ran dry because of local factories, and trade-union leaders killed in South America whilst the bottle ‘evolved’? Yep, i like a bit of something fizzy after some greasy chicken, but i’m not going to pretend its somethiing its not. 125 years of Coke, and what a bloody mess they’ve made.

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  • Kayla Baggett

    My son found a soda water bottle from the Newton, Ms. coca cola bottling plant . It is dated 1923. I cant find a picture or info on it anywhere . Could use some help if anyone knows anything about

  • Kayla Baggett

    What other drinks did coke make in 1923 ?

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