Oriental Art Center – Shanghai, China

Oriental Art Center – Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China, a rising mega city that have attracted the architectural spot light for the past decade, with dream designs brought to reality, and a symbolic message sent out showing off a mighty city in a mighty country.  Today we feature one of the iconic buildings of amazing Shanghai, The Oriental Art Center.

Designed by Paris’s Paul Andreu, he formed a beautiful 7 levels-giant flower covered by a cantilevered roof, enclosing 3 auditorium halls [philharmonic orchestra hall (1979 seats), a lyric theater (1054 seats) and a chamber music hall (330 seats)].  It also houses public facilities such as an exhibition hall, music shops, a restaurant, an arts library and a multimedia and training center. The Flower-shaped building is highlighted by reflections and shadows, its shape changes as you move around it. It soars up from the ground and opens out to the sky above.

Building Profile:
Construction completion: 2004.
Designed by: Paul Andreu Architects associated with ADPi and ECADI.
Client: Shanghai Pudong New Area Culture Broadcast Television Office.
Area: 39 694 m².
Cost: €94.2 milion.

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