How Fun Can Your Office Get?

How Fun Can Your Office Get?

How many times you woke up in the morning feeling like not going to work today? Plenty is my guess.  An average employee spends approximately 160 hours or more per month at work, multiply that by the years of work from graduation till retirement that’s around a 1/3 of a person’s most productive years spent at the office. The business world is mostly stuck to a specific design of workspace, usually indiscernible colors, similar small cubicles, and uncomfortable kitchens and facilities – if available, leading sometimes to boredom, inefficiency and weak staff performance. The stereotype should be broken, and it has been. Very few companies really care about the mood of their employees providing them with office space designed as anything else but a regular office. The result of breaking the norm is higher company productivity through the happiness and comfort of their workers.

One of the unique examples is Global Logic Ukraine in Kyiv (part of the Global Logic, a world leading developer in software products). Their office design is based on staff suggestions, which transformed their workplace into something out of the ordinary.  The design of their office cabinets, desks, kitchens, meeting-rooms, even elevators gives a comfortable welcoming and fun feel to the work atmosphere, boosting performance and setting the right mood for the birth of creative ideas.

Watch the Photo gallery:

Is your workplace as fun?

[sources & photography: Tochka, Global Logic Ukraine]

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  • somaia


    • Rashed

      amazing actually :)

  • Islam Nagy

    Brilliant, even if you get used to your new office after some time, knowing that your company does care that much is very positive and builds loyalty towards the company.
    i really like it.

    • Rashed

      The thought of supplying your employee with recreation before he can supply you with production makes it a win win situation.

  • Salma

    Cute article ;) it reminds me of Google offices and the “fun” culture Googlers live in..
    I’d love to work in such offices!

    • Oksana

      Thank you! Google is definitely a great example and encouragement for other companies to become a part of the trend.

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