Marina Bay Sands Integrated Hotel with SkyPark – Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Integrated Hotel with SkyPark – Singapore

A hotel with a roof garden? I don’t think so! In Singapore, Safdie Architects have completely changed the traditional meaning of a “roof garden” to evolutionary expectations.  The Boston-based internationally renowned design firm have created a masterpiece within its existence, The Marina bay Sands. 3 Hotel towers 55 stories each acting as the carriers of a 2.5 acres SkyPark that spans from one tower to the other and cantilevers 65 meters (213 feet) beyond the third tower (the largest roof garden in the world)! Just Amazing.

The Marina Bay Sands combines more than 121,000 square meters (1.3 million square feet) of world-class convention and exhibition facilities, three hotel towers containing 2560 rooms in total, and a 2.5 acres SkyPark with gardens, jogging paths, restaurants, a public observatory that offers a 360-degree view of the city and sea, and a 495 foot long swimming pool, all shielded from the winds by hundreds of trees.

The 74322.5 square meters (800,000 square foot) promontory of  the hotel also packs an iconic Museum of Art Science, two state-of-the-art theaters to accommodate 4000 spectators, a casino, wide array of shopping and dinning outlets, a 8900 square meters (96,000 square foot) convention and exhibition center, and a hydraulically adjustable 5020 square meters (54,000 square foot) public outdoor event plaza. 11 million visitors have visited the property since its opening in April 2010.

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Building ID:

Construction Completion & Opening: April 2010

Architect: Safdie Architects

Client: Las Vegas Sands Corporation

Price Tag: $5.7 Billion (including land cost)

Size: 845,000 square meters (9,096,000 square feet)

[Source: Safdie Architects, Boston, MA]

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