The World through Road Signs

The World through Road Signs

A globalized world, growth of populations, and facilitated means of transportation, increase the number of commuters and travelers around the planet. Nowadays while visiting other countries, excursions with a guide are not enough. More and more people want to explore their trip destinations on their own with the enjoyment of driving around. Part of what makes driving in foreign countries less complicated is their guiding road and traffic signs. By 2004, 52 countries of the world had signed The Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals (1968), so the standardized system would simplify the driving while visiting countries with language difference, as well as enhance the safety of traffic. On the other hand the generalized classification of road signs cannot predict the diversity of topography, nature, wildlife, and climate, resulting in an interesting variety of signs around the globe.

In Australia expect some kangaroos, camels or even wombats on your way.

In Oamaru, New Zealand be aware of blue penguins in the morning and evening while they go and return from the New Zealand east coast.

Watch out elephants on the roads in Phuket, Thailand.


In Maine, USA you will have to slow down for moose.

Don’t be surprised by turtles on the streets while enjoying some cities of Turkey.

UK, USA, Russia they have different geography but a common thing - tanks.

If you are going to Czech Republic, Romania or the UK you’ll find road signs informing of drunk people crossing, watch out ;)

Italy will make you aware of prostitutes around.

France is very interesting in the way it warns disabled people about sloping descent.

Around Thailand you will definitely see tsunami evacuation route signs. A bit scary but precautions are always important.

Pedestrian signs differ from a country to another. Some of them are really unexpected like in Qatar, Laos or Australia.

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