Comic and Animation Museum – Hangzhou, China

Comic and Animation Museum – Hangzhou, China

We’ve been mentioning China a few times so far since our start and we still didn’t get enough! Featuring another magnificent structure scheduled for construction in 2012, the China Comic and Animation Museum in Hangzhou, China. Dutch studio MVRDV – the winner of museum’s international design competition – quoted:

(Rotterdam, 5th May 2011) Hangzhou urban planning bureau has announced MVRDV winner of the international design competition for the China Comic and Animation Museum (CCAM) in Hangzhou, China. MVRDV won with a design referring to the speech balloon: a series of eight speech balloon shaped volumes create an internally complex museum experience of in total 32.000m2. Part of the project is also a series of parks on islands, a public plaza and a 13.000m2 expo center.”

Formed of eight giant balloons interconnected together allowing for a circular visit of the entire building. Services such as the lobby, education, three theatres/cinemas with a total of 1111 seats and a comic book library; Each occupy their own balloon according to function. If two balloons touch in the interior, a large opening allows access and views in-between the volumes.

One of the balloons is devoted to interactive experience in which visitors can actively experiment with all sorts of animation techniques like blue screen, stop motion, drawing, creating emotions etc. The core attraction of this space is a gigantic 3D zoetrope. The routing of the museum permits short or long visits, visits to the cinema, the temporary exhibition or the roof terrace restaurant. The intelligently designed white concrete facades are used as a giant projecting surface for themes and text.

Building ID:
[Construction starts 2012] [Price tag: 92 million euros] [Designer: MVRDV studio – Netherlands]
[Sources: MVRDV, Dezeen, Architecture Linked]

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  • Aliaa Kamel

    This building really expresses the imagination of children, its very rare when creative designs like this one see daylight

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  • Reham El Sherif

    What an amazing inspiring building seriously

    • Rashed

      Definitely, its a design that exceeds one’s imagination. Thank you for your interest!

  • nikitasheth

    awesomeeeee…i like it…

  • nikitasheth

    wat’s the material it’s gonna be built of…steel??

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