Top 25 bizarre hotels (part 1)

Top 25 bizarre hotels (part 1)

1. Palacio de Sal, Uyuni, Bolivia

Salt Hotel - made entirely of SALT!

Palacio de Sal Hotel & Spa, newly remodeled and unique in the world, is completely built in salt. Walls, floors, ceilings, and most of the furniture too – chairs, tables and beds are all made of salt. There is also a 9-hole salt golf course designed by Christian Pensu. You’ll also see stunning sunsets (you’re 3650m above sea level), with an amazing backdrop of the mountain ranges in the distance.

Palacio de Sal, Uyuni, Bolivia

2. Dockside Crane Hotel, Harlingen, Netherlands

A dockside crane converted into a luxury hideaway for two

This is a genuine dockside crane which has been the recipient of intelligent engineering and dedicated devotion rarely seen in a private home – let alone in a hotel property.

Replacing the external ladders with modern lifts to gain entry, the old machine room in the body of the crane has been transformed into a luxurious bedroom.

3. The Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel, Brazil

Top view of the Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel

A boutique hotel northwest of Manaus, Brazil, on the Rio Negro, a major tributary of the Amazon River. It consists of 7 towers, with all 288 rooms elevated from the rain forest floor by approximately 10-20m and connected by approximates 5 miles (8.0 km) of catwalks.

Macaws and various breeds of native and non-native monkeys are common around the towers

4. Q Station, Sydney, Australia

The four star peaceful retreat is on the site of a former quarantine station

Q Station is a contemporary take on the former North Head Quarantine Station. Originally occupied by the Garrigal people, North Head was a meeting place with strong spiritual significance. In the 1830’s a quarantine station was established, which operated until 1984. Migrants suspected of carrying contagious diseases were quarantined at the site to protect the local Sydney community from infection. Originally chosen for its isolation and safe anchorage options, the site today comprises 65 buildings, several archeological sites and spectacular vantage points for viewing Sydney Harbour and the Sydney Harbour National Park.

Q Station, Sydney, Australia

5. Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Key Largo, Florida

Jules' Undersea Lodge

This hotel was named after Jules Verne (author of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea). The lodge was originally built as a research laboratory to explore the continental shelf. The world’s first underwater hotel, Jules’ Undersea Lodge is also the first underwater research lab to be made available to average people.

The first underwater research lab to be made available to average people

6. The Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya

The Giraffe Manor

The Giraffe Manor offers amenities with a resort-like feel – except for the giraffes that poke their heads inside the windows, of course. Located just outside of Nairobi, Kenya, The Giraffe Manor is a popular spot for tourists on safari.

Along with giraffes roaming the property, the land is also home to warthogs and many species of birds

7. Controversy Tram Hotel, Hoogwoud, Netherlands

Controversy Tram Hotel

Frank and Irma Appel have restored a 4-berth train carriage and 4 wonderfully themed tram bedrooms in either end of 2 city centre tram railcars, that used to run on the streets of Amsterdam and Germany.

City trams and railcar converted into 5 B+B rooms

Outside the house, there is also a Mig fighter plane – providing a completely surreal view of the property from the surrounding flat land around Hoogwoud.

8. Baumhaus Hotel, Neißeaue, Germany

Child Friendly Treehouses in Eastern Germany

Choose one of 5 cosy tree houses situated 8m to 10m up a tree in a fantastic recreational park outside Görlitz. First open in June 2005, it is arguable whether it is the first tree house hotel in Germany or the craziest.

Baumhaus Hotel

9. Molja Lighthouse, Aalesund, Norway

150 year-old lighthouse at the entrance to the harbour of Aalesund

The interior of the lighthouse is completely round, only 3 meters in diameter, but through effective use of the available spaces, Molja now boasts a bedroom upstairs and a bathroom downstairs.

Molja Lighthouse

10. Woodlyn Park, New Zealand

Stay in a train, plane, boat or Underground: A 1950’s Bristol Freighter Plane fully refurbished into 2 beautiful self contained motel units.

This plane was one of the last allied planes out of Vietnam and is the only accommodation of its type in the world

“The Waitomo Express” is a 1950’s Rail Carriage beautifully refurbished into a completely self contained motel unit.

Having 3 separate rooms, the Waitomo Express sleeps up to 6 people with 1 Double Bed, 2 Single Beds and 1 Double Pullout Couch

Worlds First Hobbit Underground Motels with circular windows – straight out of middle earth!

Worlds First Hobbit Underground Motel

An additional property – a beached boat is also opening.

Beached boat in Woodlyn Park, New Zealand

11. Jumbo Stay, Arlanda, Sweden

This is the world's first property in a 747 jumbo jet on the ground

With 27 rooms and 75 beds, this 1976 vintage plane guarantees a memorable night for guests.

Scared of flying? Start your trip here!

Choose between a couple of en-suite rooms, budget dormitory, twin and three-bed combo rooms with shared shower and toilet in the corridor or the luxury suite in the converted cockpit with its panoramic view of the airport.

12. Hotel im Wasserturm, Cologne, Germany (water tower lodge)

Hotel in a water tower

A highly unique retreat with superb city views, Hotel im Wasserturm, translates as ‘hotel in a water tower’, which is exactly what this is. The inspired, one-of-a-kind conversion is 11-storeys high, promising unrivalled panoramas from its penthouse Michelin-starred restaurant, a second excellent dining room, a lively bar and a wellness area with a spa and gym.

Penthouse Michelin-starred restaurant in Hotel im Wasserturm, Cologne, Germany

Part 2 of Top 25 bizarre Hotels.

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