London Cabs fare paid via Cell Phone

London Cabs fare paid via Cell Phone

Vodafone UK teamed up with the London Taxi company and equipped 500 of their infamous black cabs with mobile phone charger docks; a nice promotional service I’d have to say. Sometimes you actually might need to give your Blackberry or iPhone a little juice to get through the day, but can’t find the plug.

Now, they’re rolling out another handy scheme, you can now pay your taxi fare through your phone with an SMS sent with the vehicle’s license plate number to a certain digit code along with the amount due, which transfers the fare to the driver’s pocket and charges it to your phone bill. In the US though, Apple’s iPhone have had an application that carries out the same task online. Yet, in my opinion, the SMS service is much more efficient as it allows people carrying ‘dumb phones’ to carryout the same process without logging online, giving a chance to a much larger user base.

The evolution of technology engaged-in means of transportation is notably speeding, some people may find that exciting, others may not like an extreme automated gadget life, but at the end of the night i’m not gonna have the cab driver search for an ATM machine prior arriving at my final destination.

[Sources: The Guardian UK]

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  • Alexandria Mardirossian

    Fantastic idea.

  • fawad

    Great idea……………….and should be implemented around the world.

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