The Soft Rocker

The Soft Rocker

An interesting creation coming from the heart of Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT) in Cambridge, MA, USA. In the beginning of May 2011, a team lead by Sheila Kennedy, MIT Professor of the Practice of Architecture, presented to the Killian Court of MIT an outstanding project of a smart solar energy charging station – Soft Rocker (as it looks like an outdoor rocking lounge furniture). The idea of the leaf-like loop is to create the solar tracking system using its environment, it has a 12 ampere-hour battery and store solar energy harvested during the day. With a creation like this, outside gatherings acquire totally different shape; literally. While having a walk in the park you can take a break in a Soft Rocker, easily charge your phone, run any USB device, watch a movie on a laptop, or have a little party, even at night the loop lighting is very enjoyable  . Great technology and environment-friendly addition to the outdoors!

Can we start seeing the Soft Rocker on our streets, sidewalks, neighborhood parks, outside malls, or on highway rest areas any time soon, or would it be  just another fantasy concept?  

[Sources: Arts at MIT]

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  • Amr Amer

    a nice idea,,,i think its time to begin using such a technology.

    • Rashed

      I’d like one of those in my balcony or at the beach :)

  • Salma

    How about digging more about this project and maybe implementing it locally..

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