Hover Bike – The Flying Motorcycle

Hover Bike – The Flying Motorcycle

The HOVER-BIKE, as crazy as that might sound, it’s a real thing now. A bike that can fly at altitudes up to 3048 meters (10000 feet) high, reaching a speed of 278.42 kilometers per hour (173 mph), it can even travel at higher altitudes, but then the rider would need to carry along an oxygen cylinder. It’s simply a dream of flying come true.  Hover-Bike designer Chris Malloy -an Australian native- primarily designed it to serve purposes like aerial Cattle mustering, Search and Rescue, aerial survey, Wildlife and Parks, or Power-line inspection, not planned commercial use yet.  Inhabitat quotes the inventions as:

“Quieter and smaller than helicopters, and therefore more fuel efficient, the hoverbike could offer a more sustainable alternative to airborne searches”

I’m not sure about quieter though! I can imagine these things flying at low altitudes shaking your windows on a calm Saturday afternoon, plus what kind of safety does it offer in the air?! Malloy states that the bike is still going through testing phases.

At 1170 cc, the Hover-Bike engine is air-cooled and runs on regular unleaded fuel. One tank can last up to about 92 miles of riding/ flying! The concept receipt is a hefty one, up to $40,000 to get one of those babies, yet if it sees mass production the price tag would definitely drop. At the moment Chris Malloy is accepting donations on his website with a chance of winning a prototype.

The pictures released by the designer shows the bike hovering above the ground at a height of about 1.5 meters while tied down to the ground, we still didn’t see a picture of the bike in the sky nor have we seen a video! As an invention with great potential, it still has alot of developments to foresee, and we will be keeping an eye on Chris Malloy for updates on his amazing flying motorbike.

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  • Amr

    A quieter ! perfect for cairo and think about the traffic in the air will be hilarious !! :D

    • http://urbanpeek.com Rashed

      I can imagine :) i don’t know if they would have lanes in the air or a non flying military zone for instance !

  • Vincent

    I think this is an amazing invention. Keep up the good work. I am very interested in this idea and as an Industrial Design Student I would love to know if you all are planning on continuing the idea. I would love to be kept up to date on this.

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