Top 25 bizarre hotels (part 2)

Top 25 bizarre hotels (part 2)

13.  Das Park Hotel, Ottensheim, Austria

Hotel rooms built from giant concrete sewage pipe segments

This is a one-of-a-kind hotel, it has been designed from the outset to use worldwide standard concrete drainage or sewage pipe sections – so you could well see more of them in the future. The idea of Andreas Strauss in 2004, the first rooms were provided in Linz. Now in nearby Ottensheim, rooms are accessed by a digital keypad, whose code is provided by the self service website upon booking acceptance. The beauty of these pipes is that their concrete utilitarian look needs little alteration to make them habitable – a coat of varnish is all that is necessary.

The tubes have received wall paintings by the Austrian artist Thomas Latzel Ochoa to make them seem a little more user friendly

14. Tianzi Hotel, Hebei province, China

Tianzi Hotel

The three men in this picture are Fu Lu Shou, which means good fortune, prosperity, and longevity. But in this version they are a ten story building! Tianzi Hotel is in Hebei Province, China, and holds the world record for being the “biggest image building”.

The 10-story building holds the world record for the “biggest image building”

15. Can Sleep, Lake Skanderberg, Denmark

Can Sleep
Special for beer-lovers

Every August for the past 30 years, thousands of partygoers have flocked to the Dyrehaven, a magnificent beech forest next to Denmark’s Lake Skanderborg for the Skanderborg Music Festival, or Smukfest. Here, the creative juices flow just as freely as the beer. In lieu of living in a tent, some lucky attendees sleep in one of 114, two-story aluminum Royal Unibrew beer cans, enlarged to 12.5 feet high. Covered in golden, bubbly wallpaper and furnished entirely by Ikea, the first floor features a small living area and a minibar that’s replenished each day. When the dweller’s ready to turn in, he climbs the ladder to a circular double bed and pops the skylight.

Can Sleep

16. Icehotel, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

The original ICEHOTEL

Existing each year between December and April, the Icehotel in the village of Jukkasjärvi, was the world’s first ice hotel. The entire hotel is made out of snow and ice blocks taken from the Torne River.

Even the glasses in the bar are made of ice

Each spring, around March, Icehotel harvests tons of ice from the frozen Torne River and stores it in a nearby production hall with room for over 10,000 tons of ice and 30,000 tons of snow. The ice is used for creating Icebar designs and ice glasses, for ice sculpting classes, events and product launches all over the world while the snow is used for building a strong structure for the building. About 1,000 tons of what is left is used in the construction of the next Icehotel.

17. Free Spirit spheres, Vancouver Island, Canada

The world of eco-friendly Free Spirit Spheres, a place where you can relax, meditate, and enjoy the peaceful surroundings of forest life

This hotel is no more than two huge globes suspended in mid-air between the trees in rugged Vancouver Island, Canada. It’s hard to imagine that lurking inside each is a cosy living area, like an enclosed nest or cocoon.

Suspended between the trees, the spheres gently sway, transporting you into an altogether different dimension

18. Null Stern Hotel, Teuten, Switzerland

Art installation in a Swiss nuclear bunker converted into a eco-luxury hotel

Located in one of Switzerland’s historic regions, Appenzellerland, the Null Stern Hotel offers a unique and memorable lodging experience at an affordable price. Originally, a Swiss Nuclear bunker, the Hotel offers exceptional guest service in a minimalistic environment where art plays an interactive role in forming the guest experience.

The modern butler will cater to all needs from serving morning coffee bedside to checking in guests through a hidden tunnel, if they so desire

19. Vigilius Mountain Resort, Lana, Italy

Car free ecological resort reached only by cable car …or on foot

Simple terms for a precious idea – open up, and draw new vigour and energy from the placid wisdom of nature. The vigilius mountain resort is like an island in the mountains. Distant views enable visitors to discover inner peace, and annoyances are left behind in the valley.

In purest crisp Alpine air, 1.500m above sea level, the vigilius mountain resort is accessible only by cable car

20. Capsule hotel, Den hag, Netherlands

Your own survival pod! Escape pod hotel in a city centre dock location

Moored in The Hague, your room is a bright orange survival pod which once saw service on an oil rig platform. Originally built in 1972 they are 4.25 metres in diameter and unaltered apart from the addition of a lock on the outside and an ‘emergency’ chemical toilet inside.

While not everyone’s luxury choice, each pod provides cosy protection from the outside for up to three occupants

21. The Atomium, Brussels, Belgium

Childrens hotel in Brussels icon

The Atomium is an icon of Brussels built for 1958 World Fair Exposition. Spanish artist Alicia Framis was commissioned in 2005 to create an educational project based on the building’s characteristics and features as well as its history and its symbolic value. The kids sphere captures the optimism of a future enabled by technology and science, in a way that reflects the insights of the world in the 21st century.

One ball of The Atomium has been divided in separate functions: mini spheres (water molecules) suspended from the ceiling to sleep in, the floor for workshops/playground, a ‘petit club sandwich’ and washing facilities

Children spend a night at The Atomium marveling at the panoramic view of Brussels from its spheres; and make the most of their visit by discovering other symbolic parts of Brussels from a unique vantage point. The desire to highlight the educational aspect of The Atomium is based on the idea that towns and cities play a major role in society today.

22. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

The latest addition to Singapore’s amazing collection of hotels and resorts

This massive integrated resort which is the latest addition to Singapore’s amazing collection of hotels and resorts costs $5.7 billion (including land cost) and features three 55 storey hotel towers with 2600 luxurious rooms and suites and all three towers are connected by a 1 hectare sky terrace right on top. This boat-shaped amazing structure is also called the SkyPark.

The world’s longest elevated swimming pool, with a 475-foot vanishing edge, perched 200 meters above the ground

Marina Bay Sands also has other interesting and unique structures besides the hotel and Sands SkyPark which are: Lotus shaped Art and Science Museum, The Casino Block, Marina Bay Sands Shops, The Convention and Exhibition Block, and -the most exciting- the world’s longest elevated swimming pool, with a 475-foot vanishing edge, perched 200 meters above the ground.

23. Gamirasu Cave Hotel, Urgup, Turkey

Former prison and monastic cell cave house

Gamirasu is an exquisitely restored eighteen-room cave house, in Ayvali Village near Urgup in the heart of Cappadocia, Turkey. In former times housing the cells of a prison, this ancient monastery is steeped in history.

If you want a luxurious cave accommodation in a traditional Cappadocian village, then this is the place

24. Hemp Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hemp to eat, wash, dry, wear, sleep and …. smoke

The Hemp Hotel is a small budget hotel with 5 themed rooms (Caribbean, Afghani, Indian, Tibetan and Moroccan).  The rooms are all in the style of a country/region. They are all brightly painted and decorated. They use HEMP as much as possible, from mattresses, curtains, shampoo, soap to a hemp roll for breakfast.

Hemp Hotel Bar

25. Jail Hotel, Luzern, Switzerland

Authentic prison feeling in the first Jailhotel in Switzerland

The Jailhotel is located in the heart of Lucerne, right in centre of the Old Town, and only a few minutes away from the lake. This former prison was built in 1862 and was converted into a prison hotel in 1999, the first in Switzerland.

The thick walls, solid doors and barred windows retain their original feel and as you’re sleeping in a converted cell, shouldn’t expect your room to be huge

A total of 56 different rooms and suites are offered from original “Unplugged“ rooms where you have a bunk bed and more authentic prison experience, to the larger “Most wanted” rooms, and largest Theme suites of Prison Governor, Library, Barabas and Falling Water. Private bathrooms are small-but-adequate with a shower. The Unplugged rooms have their private shower across the corridor.

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