A 3D 360° Panoramic Video of the World (WATCH)

A 3D 360° Panoramic Video of the World (WATCH)

The Dutch folks at YellowBird have really raised the stakes with their outstanding contribution to the motion picture and film making world, they have created a realty 3D 360° video filming techniqueMarc Groothelm and Rafaël Redczus’ technology is all about enjoying a totally interactive 360° panoramic view. A view that reaches beyond today’s standard perspective and that is experienced by viewers as if they are floating. Just like a bird soaring through the sky.

Founders Rafael and Marc

Here’s how it works: The camera uses six divided lenses in order to capture every possible viewing direction. Through a double glass-fiber connection, a stream of 1200 Mbit per second is captured and saved in an uncompressed format, And a surround sound microphone system enables the camera to record audio at 96 khz as well.

The uncompressed footage retrieved from the camera is stitched to a single stream to their studio, where the output consists of a video with a progressive resolution of 3500 x 1750 pixels at 25 frames per second, and this is almost twice the number of pixels compared to the best possible HD-TV specifications, which offers an interlaced resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The result -as YellowBird describes it- is a technologically advanced business that aims to claim a strong position in the international world of film, working directly for clients, and in partnership with advertising agencies and film production companies, offering the most intense film experience online today.

Now watch their nifty results, switch on the full screen mode and use your computer mouse to drag around and interact with the video.

Amazing results, huh! I can already imagine this as the natural development for products like Google Street View, where visiting a distant virtual world is no longer in photos only.  Picture what impact it would have on the evolution of filming and documentary making where you can watch the scenes from a total different perspective.

[Sources: YellowBird] [Courtesy of Abdel Rahman Gabr]

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