Sweden is situated in the Northern part of Europe, to the west of Baltic sea and the Gulf of Bothnia. The country shares maritime borders with Denmark, Germany, Russia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Swedish land is also home to a large number of World Heritage Sites and almost 65% of the country is still covered by forests.

Sweden was one of the most powerful military nations of the 17th century, but the country has not participated in any war since 200 years. At 450,295 square kilometers, Sweden is the third largest country in the European Union. Over 85% of its inhabitants live in urban areas and today the country is governed by constitutional monarchy with approximately 9.4 million people reside in it. Many historians still debate on the fact that Sweden is the only country which was not a participant in both World War I and World War II. However, many historians say that it supported Germany in World War II. Swedish land was under heavy German influence for major part of the war and its ties were cut from rest of the world. The Swedish economy survived by exporting industrial and engineering parts to Nazi Germany.

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  • Hatem

    Sweden Has Great uniqe Architecture, i was amazed by the contemporary architecture mixed with old buildings representing difrent Architecture moves.
    Malmo, Helisinburg….other nice places made my visit there.
    I wish i can go again for a long visit

    • http://urbanpeek.com Rashed

      It is for sure a magnificent looking, culture-rich place. Thanks for your interest !

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