3 Most Significant 3D Street Painting Artists

3 Most Significant 3D Street Painting Artists

1. Kurt Wenner is a Master Artist and Master Architect famous for inventing three-dimensional pastel drawings – also known as – 3D Street Painting, 3D Pavement Art, 3D Chalk Art, or 3D Sidewalk Art, they are a form of anamorphic art. Anamorphism is usually considered a form of Illusion or Trompe loeil, but is really the logical mathematical continuation of Perspective. In fact, artists who work in the same style can all trace the roots of their work back to the street art of Rome in 1982, where Kurt Wenner transformed the complex geometry of Classical Italian Architecture into a new form of Popular Art.

Kurt Wenner "Dies israe"

Kurt Wenner "Reflections"

Kurt Wenner "Tower of Babil"

Kurt Wenner, Dunkin Brands, Banana Strawberry Smoothie

Kurt Wenner, Echo and Narcissus

2. Eduardo Relero, living and working in Spain, known for his anamorphic street paintings. Till recent years he has done portraits, murals, engravings, sculptures, and paintings, but since the artist uploaded the anamorphic street paintings on the internet, the demand of this work has grown over the other art forms. Engaged in street paintings since 1990.

Eduardo Relero "Great guru"

Eduardo Relero "Insanity"

Eduardo Relero "Pamplona"

Eduardo Relero "Avoiding further"

Eduardo Relero "Always within"

3. Edgar Müller, German artist, since 1998 has held the title of ‘maestro madonnari’ (master street painter), born by only a few artists worldwide. The title is awarded at the world’s largest street painting festival, called The Grazie Festival, which is held in the small pilgrim town of Grazie in Italy.Approximately in 1993, Müller decided to devote himself completely to street painting. He travelled all over Europe, making a living with his transitory art.

Edgar Müller "Duality" Moscow

Edgar Müller "The Cave", London

Edgar Müller "The Crevasse", Dun Laoghaire, Ireland

Edgar Müller "Waterfall", Moose Jaw,Canada

Edgar Müller "Lavaburst", Geldern, Germany

Check out the video of one of the latest Müller’s creations – “Where do i go”, Nayarit, Mexico.

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