8 Creative Pedestrians Crosswalk Ads

8 Creative Pedestrians Crosswalk Ads

Do you like advertisements as a part of our life? Advertising is a way to communicate, but majorly the persuasion of audience turns into something annoying. And that’s when really creative ideas appear to change the whole concept of anticipation into interest. These ones are really grabby and effective. Specially if they are under your feet. Literally.

1. Made by  ACA-M (Associacao de Cidadaos Auto-Mobilizados), Portugal. The crosswalk is painted with names of pedestrians hit by cars. ‘A quarter of the road traffic victims were not inside a car. Respect the traffic signals. Respect life.’

ACA-M, Portugal.

2. In August 2003 Mccann Erickson Costa Rica advertising agency released commercial for National Environmental Day (for Ins/national Insurance Institute) in Costa Rica under the name CROSSWALK.

Mccann Erickson, Costa Rica

3. TBWA Switzerland agency created a crosswalk ad for McDonalds for the Zurichfest in  Zurich, Switzerland.

TBWA Switzerland agency, Zurichfest, Zurich, Switzerland

4. Advertising agency OpusMúltipla in Brazil presented a crosswalk barcode idea to promote an opening of a new shopping mall Curitiba.

OpusMúltipla advertising agency, Brazil

5. Smart idea from the Drive Agency in St. Louis, MO to grab attention of a younger audience to upcoming St. Louis Symphony concert.

Drive Agency, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

6. Promotion of South Africa Tourism in Mumbai, India by Contract advertisement agency. Zebra Crossing signs around traffic lights in Mumbai were painted to look like the stripes of a real zebra. Agency: Contract, Mumbai, India.

Contract advertisement agency, Mumbai, India

7. Pedestrian Council of Australia is doing an amazing job on educating people on the street’s safety.

Pedestrian Council of Australia, Australia

8. Life counts for much. Slow down. Advertising agency Kaffeine Communications in Kiev, Ukraine came out with an outstanding crosswalk design of crossed lines – rough but hopefully will make both drivers and pedestrians think about their lives not appearing on the ruthless account.

Kaffeine Communications, Kiev, Ukraine

[Sources: ACA-M, Mccann Erickson, TBWA Switzerland agency, OpusMúltipla, Drive AgencyContract advertisement agency, Pedestrian Council of Australia, Kaffeine Communications]

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