Dubai’s O-14 Tower

Dubai’s O-14 Tower

Dubai is fast becoming the fertile field for bizarre designs of mega developments, it’s an architect’s wonderland. Designers Jesse Reiser and Nanoko Umemoto of RUR Architecture have found great enthusiasm in Dubai for innovative architecture, which clearly shows up in their  “O 14″ tower.  
While, the majority of the city’s skyscrapers tends to follow the school of modernism, sharp edges and all glass facades, the “O-14″ tower is certainly different. For a fact, its not a skyscraper, it houses 22 stories and 31400 square meters (300,000 square feet) of offices & commercial space.  the most significant feature of the O-14 is its outer shell, the form follows function, the façade is made of a 40 cm (16″) thick concrete containing over 1,000 circular openings. The perforations serve as a solar reflectors, letting in direct and indirect light, air, and opening views through to the occupants on the inside. The one-meter space between the façade and the building’s glass surface also yields a chimney effect causing hot air to rise, creating an efficient passive cooling system. The façade also serves as a structural external skeleton.

This a part of the designer’s description:
“O-14 stands at the heart of business bay. The tower’s concrete shell not only is the structure of the building but also creates a lace-like façade open to light, air, and views. 21 stories of custom-designed office floors are carried without the barriers of conventional columns and walls. At ground level, exclusive shops link this site to Business Bay’s waterfront esplanade combining high-end shopping eminent culture and popular entertainment. Below grade, four levels of parking provide capacity for over 400 cars.” ..more here

Building ID: [Construction: 2007 – Scheduled completion: Spring 2010] [Size: 31,400 sq. m] [Type: Office Structure: Concrete Shell, Steel, Glass] [Designer:RUR Architecture]

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