30 Days of UrbanPeek

30 Days of UrbanPeek

After our First 30 days of publishing, UrbanPeek is starting to see more and more loyal fans that are willing to come back to read more of our blog, and I would like to send a huge shout out to them for the extreme help and support in spreading the word about the new kid in town! The motivation we gained through the interest of our friends and fans gave us the push of confidence we ultimately needed to keep on writing and sharing more content. With the end of  our first month, I decided to share with you some of UrbanPeek’s stats as a way of showing gratitude to our supporters, and hoping that we gain more fans and readers in our trip of reputation building, so here we go:

We now have 60 published posts in our Archives, including this one. In June, UrbanPeek had 13,500 visits,  163,520 page views, and 420,362 hits.

Honestly, these figures really surpassed our initial expectations for the first few months, but now we hope to see these numbers even grow more, while we put all the effort we can in supplying our community with rich entertaining info about our Urban world. So thanks alot everyone for giving us a great launch month.

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