The CUBE TOWER Announced for Beirut

The CUBE TOWER Announced for Beirut

In April 2011, Dutch firm Orange Architects were assigned by the Lebanon based development company, Masharii, to design an appartment building located in the south east side of Beirut. By the end of June 2011, the concept designs started surfacing,  a 50-metre-tall tower containing 19 apartments ranging in size from 90 to 180 m2, named The Cube.

The Cube’s design, yet very simple but extremely efficient, as it effectively uses the full potential  of its location, opening up 270º views on the city and the Mediterranean sea. The structural idea of the tower is based on One Central Core functioning as the spine of the building, hiding inside it all the lifts and staircases. It cantilevers 19 no-beam flat floor slabs, creating apartment spaces with  no ties to any certain layout and endless choices of design to maximize the view and function to optimum levels.

Each facade has 3 transparent sides and a solid one with the solid side rotating on each successive floor. The different profile of each slab and  the randomly protruding open air terraces on each level, gives the building a dynamic sense of transparency and contrast. The luxury apartment block , The Cube, sure is an intelligent and beautiful win for the magical city of Beirut, along with 19 lucky tenants.Building ID: [Location: plot 941, Sin El Fil, Eastern Beirut, Lebanon] [Client: Masharii, Beirut, Lebanon] [ Designer: Orange Architects, The Netherlands] [Project period: 2011-2013] [ Total apartment area: 3600m2 / 19 apartments] [height: 50m(15.5 feet)]

[Sources and Pictures: Orange Architects]

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  • slyvka

    i would like to live here :o

  • Oksana

    Me too :) The design is so fresh and creative!!

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