South Korea’s Virtual Supermarket [VIDEO]

South Korea’s Virtual Supermarket [VIDEO]

A fresh marketing idea is all what it takes to go from zero to hero!  Tesco homeplus, a newly introduced supermarkets chain in South Korea, is now the second largest in the country, thanks for using the right idea in the right place. South Korea is the second hardest working nation in the world, for such hardworking people, there might be little to no time for grocery shopping. Tesco made use of this fact, along with the reputation of south koreans of having technology integrated in alot of aspects of their lives; they introduced the Virtual Supermarket in subway stations.

Huge billboards, with the supermarket products printed on them, are installed in the stations, where commuters can shop while waiting for their train, just as if they’re standing in the real supermarket isle. All they need is a smartphone to scan the bar-code of the desired product, add it to their shopping cart, and pay, all through an online application on their phones, and have their groceries delivered to their doors after they come back from work. Resulting in saving time spent on going to the actual store, while also making use of commuters waiting time in the subway. Talk about smart marketing! Watch Tesco‘s video:

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