New York by Gehry

New York by Gehry

Frank O Gehry, the 82 year old Canadian-American architect, doesn’t look like he’s planning to retire anytime soon. This time he stuns the world with his magnificent “8 Spruce St.” Residential Tower, named New York by Gehry. At  265 meters (870 feet) high it joins the iconic Manhattan skyline as the 8th highest tower in New York and the highest residential tower in the Americas.

The building’s exterior is covered with twirly stainless steel sheets looking like a fabric, that reflect a glare of changing light giving the “8 Spruce St.” tower different appearances throughout the day, it also contains opening for some 906 apartments, that will be available for rent only, for prices reaching up $2600 a month. The tower also houses a public elementary school that’s owned by the department of education, and it packs some luxury amenities including a grilling terrace with dining cabanas, game room, golf simulator, on the 6th floor, a 50-foot swimming pool on the 7th floor, a 1200 square foot state of the art fitness center on the 8th floor, yoga & pilates studio, private training studio, screening room, children’s playroom, tweens’ den, library, on the 8th floor.










The view for the 8 Spruce St tower

7th floor Pool










A sample of the facade cladding

When Frank Gehry designs something, its not just anything, its always a design that goes beyond the norm and our expectations.  In the 8 Spruce St. tower he designed everything in the building down to the door knobs.

[sources: New York by Gehry] [images by dbox branding & creative]

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