Floating Houseboat, Amsterdam

Floating Houseboat, Amsterdam

Amsterdam, a city well known for its water canals slicing-in its urban fabric, a large waterfront available within the city, makes the presence of many houseboats, floating on the rivers, not surprising. The standard “caravan” style houses have been the norm for these floating units, nowadays it’s different, some people wants to set the trends and go minimalistic and contemporary with their floating estates. Our feature house today is a perfect example for a floating design that pumps up a vibe of optimism, through its simple lines and curves, and transparency.  It’s the kind of house that make your neighbors jealous!

The Water Villa de Omval, designed by Dutch firm +31 Architects, it features an open space plan with floor-to-ceiling windows, opening up a panoramic view of the Amstel and the classic European capital. The houseboat is an aluminum-clad structures consisting of 3 level, a water-level deck hosting an open kitchen, dinning and living areas, bedrooms are split between this level and the lower deck, allowing sufficient height for a higher deck with a little open-air terrace, all within the maximum allowed height of 3 meters above water level.

Part of the designer’s statement: Living on the water gets more and more popular in Holland, The residents wanted a house with an open floor plan where there could be up to enjoy the lovely views and great outdoor space was. The prominent circular line of the facade comes directly from the desire and the requirement that no building should be higher than three meters from the waterline.” more

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