The Loopita Bonita – A Social Chaise-Longue

The Loopita Bonita – A Social Chaise-Longue

The Summer has arrived with all the heat it can offer, you gotta believe me on this one, living in Cairo, you can never under-estimate the HEAT we get here, pushing us all to go up north to our lovely breezy beaches on the coast of Alexandria – my hometown. During the sunny season, people starts their summer outdoor-furniture shopping. For the past week or so my wife and I were also on the hunt for the same exact thing, trying to land a couple of outdoors comfortable chairs for our beach place, and while searching online, I bumped into this magnificent piece of design, The Loopita Bonita – or the social Chaise-Longue as I’d like to call it.

The Loopita Bonita was designed by the creative Mexican industrial designer Victor M. Aleman . Inspired by the daily life in Mexico City – a place very similar to Cairo in terms of warmth, the artist created a relaxing escape in the form of this incredibly luscious piece of furniture. Looking like a piece of a roller coaster, its prepared to offer comfort and relaxation for two people facing each other at the same time, Loopita Bonita can be placed in any yard or by any pool to ensure a harmonious design and a resort-like feeling, where you can enjoy reading a book, sun-bathing, or, what most likely I’d do, fall asleep. This would definitely be the perfect piece of furniture I could get for the the yard at the beach, the only thing is, I’m not sure if it would be available here in Egypt anytime soon. Would you get the Loopita Bonita..?

[Sources: Fresh Home]

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  • Reham El Sherif

    I want one like this, I love it and Yes definitely I would buy Loopita Boonita

  • Leather Furniture

    It’s a really fascinating chair. The way the design of this double chair bends flawlessly seems enticing. Great post.

    • Rashed

      Thanks, it is in fact a simple, yet creative piece of outdoors furniture

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