Flower Eco House

Flower Eco House

Nowadays one of the most trending lifestyle is the Eco one covering different branches and areas around us; and architecture sure isn’t an exception. Another homeowner is going green and joining the Eco lifestyle with one of the cutest low-impact houses, designed with technology and materials which lowers its energy needs, and a zero-carbon footprint of a fully functioning self dependent green house. An idea implemented by Make Architects for green-enthusiast and English football star Gerry Neville.

The 745 sq meters (8,000 sq ft) house has the design of a gigantic flower that consumes less energy than its inhabitants, using a ground source heat pump to provide the heating, and generating on-site renewable energy from photovoltaic panels and a wind turbine. The estate to be located in Bolton, UK, is going to be built with local materials and according to traditional construction methods. The flower-shaped building is planned to be embedded in the contours of the surrounding hillside.

The Bolton Eco house concept idea has been presented to the city council and the scheme has already been approved as an exemplar project within the government’s “Planning Performance Agreements for Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Schemes” program.

[Source: Make]

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