A Shoe-box Studio Apartment with 24 Rooms [VIDEO]

A Shoe-box Studio Apartment with 24 Rooms [VIDEO]

Award-winning Hong Kong architect Gary Chang has managed to fit 24 rooms in his 32 sq meter(344 sq feet) apartment studio, including a spa and home cinema transforming it into a Swiss army knife-style home. He added to his flat a series of accordion-like sliding walls on metal tracks fixed to the ceiling, movable smart walls which allowed him to easily transform the space available into a variety of spaces carrying different functions, the partitions conceal a wall-mounted TV,  drawers for clothes, shelves for toiletries, racks for CDs and DVDs, a hidden queen size master-bed, a fold-down guest bedroom. Moving a series of walls also reveals a counter-top with a minibar, while opening up the kitchen area. The flat can be one big, open-plan studio or, with very little effort, an arena of fold-down surfaces, seats and beds. Chang’s optimized flat, can be a new revolutionary and efficient use of space, specially for the dense Capitals of the world.

Chang has renovated four times, taking a more innovative approach everytime. He turned a HK$350,000 shoebox into a Super innovative high tech modern bachelor’s pad worth around HK$1.3 million on the market today.

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