Pimp your Garage Door with Cool Deceiving Art [PHOTOS]

Pimp your Garage Door with Cool Deceiving Art [PHOTOS]

For the weekend article, I’m sharing with you a light piece of urban art, as everyone is grabing their beach towels and heading out of the city escaping the noise and high temperatures for some OFF time. I came along a new product by German firm “Style your Garage”, they created a decal poster that sticks to the exterior of your garage door, giving an artistic illusion that is highly detailed and extremely realistic, it sure will let passers stop for a second look. From circus elephants, to crocodiles, to a subway station platform. This is definitely a hip way to pimp your garage doors. look at the gallery:

Prices range from $199 to $399 for the double-door.

[Sources: Style your garage, Sharing: Arch. M.Ehab, Cairo]

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  • http://www.garagedoorsuperstore.co.uk/ garage doors fan

    These are pretty cool! Love the elephant one, really want it for my garage door!

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