Twitter office

Twitter office

Sometimes just a little bird can take an important role in shifting the direction of history’s wheel.  In the beginning of 2011,  the world has witnessed the Twitter effect on the Middle Eastern wave of revolutions. Egypt was one of the countries that demonstrated the use of internet technologies in their up-rise. Due to the super fast rate of info exchange, was the first website to get blocked by the ex-government, even before Facebook, tweets went viral in a mater of seconds.  As a result, now the country is experiencing a much higher interest in social networking and especially tweeting. The trend is converting office-desk employees and smartphone carriers into tweetaholics. More than 340 million users – that’s the twitter community around the world. Five years – that’s the time it took twitter to reach it. Wouldn’t you like to be part of the twitter staff, and witness their tremendous success? I would!

Let’s have a fast look on the social network’s main office in San Francisco, CA. It’s already their 3rd relocation for the San Francisco branch. But the designer has always been the same - Sara Morishige Williams, the wife of Twitter co-founder Evan Williams.

“I wanted the space to be personal, not unlike a home,” says Morishige Williams. “And I wanted to bring the outdoors in. In the design of Twitter’s space, I wanted community spaces to have elements of a comfortable living room, where people could escape their desks yet continue working”

In her design Sara Morishige Williams  used 3 principles: familiarity, levity and sustainability; evolving her work into a very friendly and stylish office which inspires its employees for the best result.

Morishige Williams says she chose furniture and fittings that would endure, be minimalist and, wherever possible, reuse materials. In the open-plan offices themselves, the immediate impression is of natural light and space – neither of which one associates with your typical urban work space. Close inspection reveals a plethora of whimsical design touches – almost all of which have been inspired by nature and the company’s own visual branding. Thus, each of the company’s conference rooms has been named after a bird, and an aluminum cutout of the bird’s silhouette.

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[Sources: San Francisco Chronicle]

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