Will Cairo ever see Zaha Hadid’s NILE TOWER ?

Will Cairo ever see Zaha Hadid’s NILE TOWER ?

In 2007, British Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid started working on a design for the Nile Tower - a multi-purpose use skyscraper, to be located at the northern edge of downtown Cairo, (for those of you who know Cairo, it neighbors the National-Ahly Bank twin towers in Maspero) . Nile Tower, a 70 story building reaching up a height of 250 meters, will be the highest skyscraper in Egypt. The tower’s main structural elements are concrete fin walls that twists gently over the full height of the tower, opening up various for all tenants on the inside. These fin walls are reflected on the external facade, giving the tower its dynamic appearance. The tower houses a hotel and luxury apartments with full amenities.

In 2009, in Al-Akhbar, one of Egypt’s main newspapers, a spokesman of the Ministry of Housing introduced the first 70 story skyscraper in Egypt, he stated that after years of banning high-rise buildings in the country by the civil defense and firefighting authorities, Egypt would be allowed -for the first time- to build skyscrapers in Cairo, as part of the planned developments for the regions of Maspero and Rod Al Farag in Cairo overlooking the Nile Corniche, turning the area into a modern business and touristic hub as a new attachment to classical downtown. Yet no debut dates were announced.

So far, the project’s status on the designer’s website is TBD (to be constructed), and no start or completion deadline. With a few potential reasons for the delay or cancellation, The country’s January revolution sure is a main one currently.

The question now is, will post-revolution Egypt see projects like the Nile Tower finding the light of day ? Will the ambitions of adding a new modern extension to downtown Cairo come true? Will it ever see the completion of the so-called Cairo high-rise skyline? I certainly hope for the best, Cairo[Client: Living in Interiors] [Area – Residential: 60000 m² – Hotel: 35000 m² – Total: 120000 m²]

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