The Underground Art of Stockholm Subway

The Underground Art of Stockholm Subway

Tunnelbana (or T-bana), the Subway network of Stockholm, Sweden, it is known for being the world’s longest art gallery. The length of the metro rail is 105.7 km (65.7 mi) and it consists of 100 stations: 47 underground and 53 above ground, creating 3 lines – blue, red and green. The deepest station is Kungsträdgården29.3 meters deep and the longest distance is between 2 stations is 4.341 km, from Kista to Hallonbergen.

All 3 lines of T-bana share a common station (T-centralen) with the main city railway station (Central Station) and the bus terminal (CityTerminalen). It’s also called Stockholm-C, from which you can get to any spot in Stockholm including the airport, anywhere in Sweden, or all of Scandinavia.

A simple trip will show you the work of artists since 1950, the year the first phase of the metro was opened, till recent days. Over 90 stations out of 100 have been decorated with outstanding statues, paintings, fountains, mosaics and many other installations of classic and modern art along with other temporal exhibitions.

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[Sources: Stockholm – the capital of Scandinavia]

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