Wadi Rum Desert Lodge in Jordan

Wadi Rum Desert Lodge in Jordan

A combination of primary lifestyle and high-tech innovations, synergy of virgin desert and modern construction, Wadi Rum Desert Lodge in Jordan, (Wadi Rum meaning Rum valley in Arabic), is designed to satisfy a traveler’s interest of immersion into desert meditation with the comfort of a supreme contemporary hotel. The creator of an outstanding resort  is a Florida-based company Oppenheim architecture + design, who recently won the design competition. The hotel will be carved into the cliffs of the famous Eco-tourism zone.

“The architecture we will humbly create within the realm of the Wadi is intended to miraculously and meticulously add another sound in a perfect symphony, another ingredient in a perfect dish. The conceptual point of departure has its roots in the tectonic and geological histories of the region. Through an engagement of the existing natural faults and fissures, the architecture is inserted in the landscape with nominal impact and primal elegance – synchronizing with the topography. Symbiotically and sensitively attuned to the rhythms of the area – a responsible stewardship of the environment. The boundaries between man-made and nature, interior and exterior are deliberately blurred establishing maximum effect with minimum affect. The lodges are nestled across the landscape – enhancing rather than distorting an awareness of the context.” Oppenheim architecture + design

The construction of the hotel is planned to be a 7500 sq meters connection between man and nature, and expected to be finished by 2014. The resort will consist of a rock lodge, spa lodge, tent lodge and reserve villa providing guests with a variety of accommodations and ways to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding desert. While being engaged into a fast life and submerged into day-to-day routine, Wadi Rum is designed to be the place where you can empty your mind and connect to the eternity of the desert while being pampered with the comfort of the luxury resort.

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