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Egypt’s Orascom Group Revives the World’s Worst Building

The Ryugyong Hotel, in downtown Pyongyang, North Korea, once described as the worst building in the world, is now being revived by Orascom Group, an Egyptian construction company, and is scheduled to open in 2012. The hotel was a project aiming to show off the powers of communist North Korea in the cold war era. Construction that started in early 1987 on the mega hotel, stumbled with the crackdown of communism, which if completed as scheduled, it would’ve been open by June 1989, as the tallest hotel and 7th tallest building in the world. After the crumbling of the Communist bloc… Read more »

Shanghai’s BUND Colors Tunnel, Designed by the High for the High

The Bund sightseeing tunnel, a bizarre kinda of entertainment coming out of Shanghai, China. A tunnel that crosses the river connecting the north side of Chen Yi Square at the Bund and the Oriental Pearl Radio and Television Tower at Pudong. The Bund Sightseeing Tunnel has a total length of 646.7 meter and is China’s first cross-river artificial sightseeing tunnel. Modern high technologies are applied in the decoration of the interior walls of the tunnel, providing the passengers with background music accompanied with laser light-beam visualizations, as well as pictures, patterns and views about people, history, culture, science and technology and… Read more »

New York’s 9/11 Memorial to Open this Year on 10th Anniversary [PHOTOS]

The work at Ground Zero (the World Trade Center Towers Site) is being wrapped up on the memorial park and museum that will be the landmark New Yorkers visit to pay their respect for those who lost their lives. The 9/11 Memorial will open this year in September on the 10th anniversary of the attacks. Designed by the global competition winners architect Michael Arad and landscape architect Peter Walker, the memorial consists of a peaceful tree-filled plaza and two reflecting pools on the exact footprints of the towers that once stood, the reflecting pools will be fenced by a bronze parapet with the names of the 2983 victims, that died on… Read more »

Rainbow mille-feuille: Colorful Bank in Tokyo

“We are happy to make you happy” – that’s the motto of the Sugami Shinkin bank in Japan – sounds different from the regular image of a regular bank.  And it looks different too. The new branch of the bank in Tokiwadai and Niiza, Tokyo is designed by a local studio of French architect Emmanuelle Moureaux architecture + design.  Moureaux, who has been living in Japan for more than a decade, inspired by the Japanese school of design, she created Shikiri – which she defines as “to divide space with color”. The new bank looks like a giant “rainbow mille-feuille”…. Read more »

080-23MR Sensualscaping: The House of Curves

The 080-23MR, in Clapham, South London, is a house with a design based on an organic flow of curves floating from the inside-out and connecting all the internal spaces together along with the house’s back yard. Designed by Alex Haw of Amos Studio, a firm operating at the intersection of design, research, art and the urban environment; they tried to create a house that fulfill the clients passion of connecting spaces together; cooking with entertaining, reading with writing, gardening with every aspect of everyday life. The concept of the house is based on the living room as a central space with all the… Read more »

Turkey’s Gradual Transition to eTextbooks
Meeting Bowls NYC: The New Social Trend of Time Square
Beijing’s Olympic Pool transformed to A Wacky Water Park
Shelf Pod – The Islamic Library Residence in Japan
The New APPLE Campus by Foster + Partners
Esch Footbridge (Passerelle) – Luxembourg
The Bridge between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, A Dream Come True ?
Guiding LEDoorHandle for Mood and Emergency
The Plug-In Prius Coming in 2012
A $1.5 Billion Star Trek Theme Park for Aqaba, Jordan

The coastal city of Aqaba, Jordan will be the first in the world to host a complete Star Trek themed park and resort. Although, I don’t think the number of star trek fans in the Middle East do not even compare to the number of fanatics in the US or Europe, it is the rich King Abdullah of Jordan, who was once an extra in an episode of star trek: voyager, that decided to drop $1.5 Billion giving the green light for the development of the attraction theme. The Amman based Rubicon Group and the creative Paramount Reaction are partnering with architectural firm Callison to… Read more »

SLIDE-S – Egypt’s Solar Green House

Egypt to be the first African country to compete in the 2012 European Solar Decathlon with the Slide-S Solar House. The SLIDES (sustainable, livable, and interactive design) house concept, designed by a team of architecture as well as mechanical, construction and electrical engineering students at the American university in Cairo (AUC), is a solar-powered living structure designed to address local sustainability challenges. The design team looked at Egypt, a country known for its generous amount of solar rays all year round, and tempratures rising well into the 40s C (100s F) during the summer months, and decided to create a green home to tame the… Read more »

Caracas Metro Сable

Metro cable is the cable car system, integrated within the Metro system in Caracas, Venezuela. In 2006 State Government made a decision to build a cable car network for the poorest neighborhoods of Caracas mountainous regions. In January 2010 the first official users took a ride in the new city facility. Metro cable is also a part of a social reform – each station has a variety of public spaces such as gyms, libraries, markets and even theatres. The system, designed by Urban Think Tank, is 2.1 km lengths, consists of 5 station and employs gondolas holding up to 8 sitters… Read more »

The CONCH: A 90M Super-Yacht Concept Unveiled

British boat designer Alex McDiarmid has recently unveiled his newest concept design of a Super Yacht. With Conchology (the study of shells) in mind, the outer body is inspired from the Turitella shell (tower screw) which is a long twirled seashell, he called it The Conch. The concept sports a multi-colored exterior paint job, the openings in the shell serves as the windows to the 4 levels of the yacht. The vessel is designed to sail at a top speed of 18 knots, and a cruising speed of 14 knots. The shells on the top of the boat serves as skylights, allowing light in… Read more »

Metropol Parasol – The Largest Wooden Structure in the World

Metropol Parasol is one of the most creative and outstanding redevelopment of the city square – Plaza de la Encarnacion in Seville, Spain. In 2004 German Architect Jurgen Mayer H. won the competition of creating a new iconic place for Seville. 2011 Mayer presented the new world’s largest wooden structure in style of urbanism of the 21st century. The bizarre frame, shaped as a gigantic mushroom, consists of 8000 wooden items, covering 5000 sq m of the Plaza (the size is 150 by 70 meters, built on 4 levels with a maximum height of 26 meters). It took a series… Read more »

Zaha Hadid’s Aquatic Center Ready for London 2012 Olympics

Construction work has been completed on the new Aquatics Center in the Olympic Park, London, UK which will be used for the 2012 London Summer Olympics and Paralympic Games. Designed by Pritzker Prize winner Zaha Hadid and developed by Balfour Beatty, Aquatic Center will be the venue for Swimming, Paralympic Swimming, Diving, Synchronised Swimming and the Aquatics discipline of the Modern Pentathlon. Built to accommodate 17,500 spectators during the games, (which will be reduced to 2,500 after the Games). It is located in the southern side of the Olympic Park in Stratford in east London, and will also serve as the main entrance to… Read more »

July’s Top 15 UrbanPeeks

Here’s a list of the 15 most popular articles published on UrbanPeek this past month. The Safe-House, An Anti-Burglar Fortress Top 10 Most Visited Cities Worldwide Dubai’s O-14 Tower Nemo 33 – The Deepest Diving Pool in the World The CUBE TOWER Announced for Beirut South Korea’s Virtual Supermarket [VIDEO] Floating Houseboat, Amsterdam San Alfonso del Mar – the Largest Pool in the World nHow Music Hotel in Berlin by Karim Rashid Holographic Sheets – The Future of 3D Modeling The Mega Art of Jim Denevan Mexico [PHOTO PEEK] Pimp your Garage Door with Cool Deceiving Art [PHOTOS] Will Cairo ever see Zaha Hadid’s NILE… Read more »

First Images of the World’s NEW Tallest building -Jeddah

Today AS+GG Design Firm in Chicago, announced that they will be designing The Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to be the tallest in the world. At over 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) and a total construction area of 530,000 square meters (5.7 million square feet), Kingdom Tower will be the centerpiece and first construction phase of the $20 billion Kingdom water-front City development in Jeddah, near the Red Sea. It will surpass Dubai’s Burj Khalifa (800 meters) by at least 173 meters. Expected to cost $1.2 billion to construct, Kingdom Tower will be a mixed-use building featuring a luxury hotel, office space, serviced apartments, luxury condominiums and… Read more »

World’s Highest Tennis Court at Burj Al Arab, Dubai

The world’s highest Tennis court stands atop the fourth highest and the only 7 stars hotel in the world, Burj Al Arab in Dubai. The tennis court is circular in shape ,and also doubles as a helipad, hovering 1000 feet above the Arabian gulf. In preparation for the Dubai Duty Free Men’s Open, On February 22, 2005, the Burj al Arab hosted Andre Agassi and Roger Federer to play a match on their helipad tennis court before heading to the $1 million championship. The tennis legends couldn’t resist the temptation to have a friendly ‘hit’ on the world’s most unique tennis court. Burj Al Arab is the world’s most luxurious… Read more »

Dancing Color Sculptures [VIDEO]

Canon hired Dentsu creative studios and photographer Linden Gledhill for a new ad campaign for their Pixma ink printer brand.The idea they had for the campaign was magnificent, they wanted to bring colors to life, reflecting the quality of printing the advertised product offers, their idea was to create colored paint sculptures using sound vibrations. By wrapping a membrane around a small speaker, ink drops were placed on this membrane and the speaker was turned on. once it began to vibrate the ink begins to jump up and down. High-speed video cameras and still cameras were used to capture the ink’s motion including a special camera… Read more »

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