Caracas Metro Сable

Caracas Metro Сable

Metro cable is the cable car system, integrated within the Metro system in Caracas, Venezuela. In 2006 State Government made a decision to build a cable car network for the poorest neighborhoods of Caracas mountainous regions. In January 2010 the first official users took a ride in the new city facility. Metro cable is also a part of a social reform – each station has a variety of public spaces such as gyms, libraries, markets and even theatres.

The system, designed by Urban Think Tank, is 2.1 km lengths, consists of 5 station and employs gondolas holding up to 8 sitters and 2 standees each (gondola lifts are now being used for urban transportation in Colombia and USA). The capacity of Metro cable is 3000 persons per hour per direction and since its opening in 2010 it moves an average 1,200 passengers per hour. Every 27 seconds a new gondola departs from the station which allows to transport around 15000-20000 commuters per day. The cost of the Caracas metro cable system is estimated to be $300 million USD.

When it comes to Cable cars, we’re used to seeing it as a recreational or touristic mean, Venezuela is one of the first countries to implement cable cars as a public transportation facility.

[Sources: urban think tank; Photography: Iwan Baan

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