SLIDE-S – Egypt’s Solar Green House

SLIDE-S – Egypt’s Solar Green House

Egypt to be the first African country to compete in the 2012 European Solar Decathlon with the Slide-S Solar House.

The SLIDES (sustainable, livable, and interactive design) house concept, designed by a team of architecture as well as mechanical, construction and electrical engineering students at the American university in Cairo (AUC), is a solar-powered living structure designed to address local sustainability challenges.

The design team looked at Egypt, a country known for its generous amount of solar rays all year round, and tempratures rising well into the 40s C (100s F) during the summer months, and decided to create a green home to tame the harness of the strong solar rays the country gets.

The house structure takes the shape of  a matchbox, with wall segments that can slide in and out to regulate the amount of solar gain and shade. A double-layered perforated facade fits over the structure, regulating sunlight penetration. The double-layered screen resembles a contemporary Mashrabiya screen, a core element of traditional Arab-Islamic architecture, which allows privacy and controls the amount of light and heat that enters the building.

The originality of the solar house is the combination of oriental architecture style with modern technology and tested techniques for passive cooling to adapt to a desert-like environment.
In winter month, the perforated screen of the exterior of the building would slide open to maximize solar gain through the southern glass facade, with heat stored in thermal mass flooring. While during the summer the shed is closed, minimizing the heat and shading the house, maintaining a passive cooling system and a ceiling vent helps hot air escape.

AUC Design Team

The SLIDES house is projected to use sustainable and locally available materials, and even though the sustainable house reflects the Egyptian tradition, it’s also designed to be individually customized and marketed worldwide.

The team is optimistic about their chances of winning the Solar Decathlon because comments from judges have been particularly positive, stressing the innovative design of the solar house compared to other projects presented.

Watch the video presentation of the home concept:

AUC’s Sustainable Living Interactive Design or SLIDES, will be competing against 19 other teams from universities worldwide. Show your support to the Egyptian team from AUC and support them on their Facebook page.

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