The Plug-In Prius Coming in 2012

The Plug-In Prius Coming in 2012

2012 will see the first all-hybrid Toyota Prius hitting the American markets sometimes between March and May of the latter year with a price tag less than $30,000.

The Plug-in Prius will feature an extended all-electric mode with proven hybrid technology, it can get you up to 475 miles (765 Km) before your next fill-up. You also get the convenience of plug-in charging with rapid recharge times (1.5 hours on 22o volts AC or 3 hours on 120 volts AC).  If its charge depletes while you’re driving, the vehicle switches over to full-hybrid mode, operating just like a regular Prius, still giving you outstanding mileage per gallon of gas.

The engine on this green car will feature a 1800 cm3 displacement, a max output of 98 (73)/5200 hp (kW)/rpm, and max torque of 142/4000 (Nm/rpm).

The Prius is made so you’ll be able to make many of your daily local trips without using a single drop of gas; talk about gas savings! All you need to worry about is carrying around a long enough extension cord for your charging convenience.

[Via AutoBlog, Toyota]

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  • Dev

    Very excited about the whole new Prius lineup. They seem to be covering all bases.

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