The Bridge between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, A Dream Come True ?

The Bridge between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, A Dream Come True ?

An idea that was introduced in 1988, The Egypt-Saudi Arabia Bridge and causeway would be the land link between Africa and Asia through the 2 Arab neighbors. Although, the project has always been put on hold and did not surpass conceptual phases, as the old ruling regime in Egypt has been responsible for hindering it for the at least the past 5 years; recent talks between the 2 Arab states have taken place assuring the importance of such a project for both sides.

On the August 14  ’11, the Egyptian and Saudi ministers of trade and industries met in Jeddah, KSA, expressing a common interest between the two countries to advance and strengthen trade and economic relations to a level that reflects their ambitions and aspirations, they also agreed on solving any problems and removing any obstacles in the way of construction of the dream bridge.

The elevated road is a strategic project, linking the Arab Maghreb countries (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya), Egypt, Gulf (The Arabian Peninsula) and the Sham (Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq); as it will, for the first time since 1948, allow north African travelers to reach the Arabian peninsula by land without having to pass through the state of Israel, as well as it increases the communication not only between Egypt and Saudi Arabia; but between Asia and Africa with a great benefit to the Arab common market, it also saves energy and expenses for pilgrims and tourists and reduces the cost of transporting goods between Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Tiran island, Egypt

The entire project is expected to cost about 4 billion US dollars. The causeway would link Tabuk, KSA to the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh on the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt and would pass through the Egyptian Tiran Island at the entrance of the Gulf of Aqaba, with a total length of 23 km (18 miles). Planners believe that tolls paid by millions of Muslim pilgrims on their way to holy sites in Saudi Arabia could make up for the expected cost of the bridge within 7-10 years.

King Fahd causeway, linking Saudi Arabia to Bahrain a similar project to the one proposed for Egypt

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