Esch Footbridge (Passerelle) – Luxembourg

Esch Footbridge (Passerelle) – Luxembourg

Passerelle, a one of a kind pedestrian footbridge, hanging in the heart of Esch (Esch sur Alzette), the second largest city in Luxembourg. Designed by  Metaform Architects, it is aimed at taking pedestrians right from the busy center of the city into its elevated green space,  the Park of Galgenberg.

The designer wanted to create a strong contrast between the plain surroundings of an untidy city space (overhead lines, power lines, boulevard, bus platforms and trains, roundabouts etc) and the body of the bridge as a single uncluttered volume with, a day time, bright grey-colored facade, and a glowing red color at night time. The Bridge’s length is  105 m (345 ft) and was completed in 2009.

The bridge collected a couple of design awards, the 1st prize in the 2007 international Design&Build competition and  Archdaily’s 2010 Building of the Year Awards for the public facility category winner.

The Esch footbridge (“passerelle”) is the outcome of a search for identity, form and significance. It aims to confer the city of Esch an intriguing and spectacular construction (landmark), that seems to float between two worlds. With its furtive forms and scaleless architecture, it is right at the centre of urban marketing. Beyond the feelings it kindles, be they positive or negative, it unleashes a storm of questions. Who is this bridge, where does it lead to? The access to another world would remain unknown, if curiosity didn’t push us to take the stairs or use the elevator to get to the top.. more from the designer’s description here

[Via ArchdailyPhographer : Steve Troes Fotodesign, Fabrizio Maltese photography]

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