Shelf Pod – The Islamic Library Residence in Japan

Shelf Pod – The Islamic Library Residence in Japan

The owner of this house, in Osaka, Japan, requested that his home would be designed with enough book shelves to properly store and display his extensive collection of Islamic history books. Designers at Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio developed a shelf module (360mm height, 300mm width and 300mm depth) that was used to in a lattice structure for book storage, also used for the design scale of windows, stairs, desks, chairs, etc; making the interior of the house look like a big archiving room, with the aim of achieving geometrical harmony resembling Islamic Architecture.This innovative structural system affords not only large amount of book storage, but the possibility of flexible floor level which can be delivered from every height of bookshelf. Each space for different activity rise up helically, giving the impression of exploring a wooden jungle gym.. The designer describes, more here.

Islamic calligraphy on the wall, it is written in arabic, but the language is japanese and turkish.  The biggest one, written as kun-pu-tei, means “istanbul house”, it is the name of the house and the others are turkish  greetings.

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  • Reham El Sherif

    I want to have a house with a room exactly like this one I love it cos I have so many books and many things to keep and this is brilliant

    • Rashed

      It is such an efficient use of space, I liked how the homeowner customized it and gave it an Islamic theme according to the type of books he’s storing in it

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