Turkey’s Gradual Transition to eTextbooks

Turkey’s Gradual Transition to eTextbooks

Turkish minister of Economy Zafer Çağlayan recently met with officials from Microsoft and Apple trying to land a deal with the tech giants to supply Turkey with about 15 million tablets and slate computers for Turkish students. Microsoft had expressed interest in the project and was willing to send teams from the company to help Turkish authorities deploy its software among the students, Apple even showed their will to cooperate even further, by using Turkish manufacturing in the production of accessories for their iPads and iPhones, a move that would decrease the initial cost price and increase sales in Turkey.

The whole move is part of Turkey’s Fatih project, that adopts the idea of  increasing standards and quality in education by using a higher technology such as electronic boards, projectors and a gradual transition to e-textbooks in classes by deploying tablets in 600,000 classes across 40 thousand schools in the country. The Turkish Government is looking to spend about 3 billion TL ($1.7 billion) over a period of three years to complete the project.

Post-revolution Egypt is now debating and studying the potential of the Turkish example of rule and politics for them, when do you think the  Egyptians would be ready to pull off a similar move into the Electronic Education Era ?

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