080-23MR Sensualscaping: The House of Curves

080-23MR Sensualscaping: The House of Curves

The 080-23MR, in Clapham, South London, is a house with a design based on an organic flow of curves floating from the inside-out and connecting all the internal spaces together along with the house’s back yard.

Designed by Alex Haw of Amos Studio, a firm operating at the intersection of design, research, art and the urban environment; they tried to create a house that fulfill the clients passion of connecting spaces together; cooking with entertaining, reading with writing, gardening with every aspect of everyday life.

The concept of the house is based on the living room as a central space with all the other facilities of the house branching out of it, using the lines of skirting that reaches in the kitchen and outer patio to the garden, the stairs to the upper floor and bathroom beneath, all seeming like an organic forest of wave-like lines that starts at the floor and transforms to a handrail along side a bizarre staircase.

The staircase was entirely digitally fabricated using an intricate set of simply-cut but highly-detailed flat-pack elements, CNC-carving sheets of MDF and oak directly from our drawings, engraving depths to further split structural strands into ever-finer lineaments, producing elements that perfectly slot together like an architectural jigsaw puzzle.
The designer considers the stairs as the main element of the house, this how he described it: The stair is a continuation and intensification of the simple graphic skirting board lines that trace their way through the house. As they turn the corner into the stair void, they expand like a genie released from a lamp, curling and separating and bifurcating from the wall to form the delicate edge of the stair treads, lifting into the air to rise as the veil of the balustrade. This veil hangs gently from above as a series of thin paired threads, softly pulled back at the entry to allow movement past, gently splaying around the corner to meet and carry the arriving visitor onwards & upwards. more here.

[via architizer, atmos studio]

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