Egypt’s Orascom Group Revives the World’s Worst Building

Egypt’s Orascom Group Revives the World’s Worst Building

The Ryugyong Hotel, in downtown Pyongyang, North Korea, once described as the worst building in the world, is now being revived by Orascom Group, an Egyptian construction company, and is scheduled to open in 2012. The hotel was a project aiming to show off the powers of communist North Korea in the cold war era.

Construction that started in early 1987 on the mega hotel, stumbled with the crackdown of communism, which if completed as scheduled, it would’ve been open by June 1989, as the tallest hotel and 7th tallest building in the world. After the crumbling of the Communist bloc and the deterioration of the North Korean economy, construction halted gradually, till it came to a complete stop in 1992; only the structural skeleton of the hotel was complete at that time.

In 2008, after being on hold for almost 2 decades, the Ryugyong Hotel has seen construction work resume, with a contract assigned to Orascom Construction group, to complete the exterior glazing of the facades, and all the interior works of the luxury downtown hotel. In July 2011 The work on the facade was complete.

The 105 story, 330 meter (990 ft) skyscraper, consists of three wings, each measuring 100 meters (330 ft) long, 18 meters (59 ft) wide, and sloped at a 75-degree angle, which converge at a common point to form a pinnacle. The building is topped by a truncated cone 40 meters (130 ft) wide, consisting of eight floors that are intended to rotate, topped by a further six static floors. A total area of 360,000 m² that houses 3,000 rooms,  7 revolving restaurants, casinos, nightclubs and Japanese lounges.

The planned opening date for the hotel is April 15th 2012; the 100th anniversary of the birth of President Kim Il Sung.

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    terrible building because of communism!

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