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Gucci Museum – Florence, Italy

For the last 90 years many people around the world have been enjoying the style of Italian brand – Gucci. As a culmination of celebrating the anniversary, the fashion house decided to open its own museum to mark its evolution and preserve the most significant moments through their history. The official opening was held on the 26th of September 2011 with the presence of many stars from the fashion industry world. starting from September 28, the first visitors were able to enjoy the evolution of the Gucci story. Located in the heart of its hometown – Florence, Italy, inside the 14th century Palazzo della… Read more »

Laces – The New ADIDAS Office in Herzogenaurach, Germany

A brand new facility has joined the adidas campus family in Herzogenaurach, Germany – research and development building “adidas Laces”.  Designed by German firm kadawittfeldarchitektur, it represents the identity of the adidas culture and perfectly fitting into the brand’s philosophy of permanent development. The idea of the ring-shaped atrium and walkways connecting opposite office areas like laces tying the building together like the shoe brought the name to the project thus comfort to workers which are not crossing different departments any more. This modern example of urban architecture provides the team of 1700 employees with functional working conditions and new source… Read more »

sTREEt – A Green Urban Furniture Design –  by Kibisi

Street furniture mainly represents the secondary role to the city perception, while facilitating our existence in it and giving it some character. Mostly all of the urban furniture is disengaged – streetlights are not matching garbage bins and benches, bus stops are steeped in advertisement, traffic lights are totally out of city style and so on. The Copenhagen based firm KiBiSi found a solution to the urban landscape mess – the sTREEt. It was designed especially for the Gwangju Design Bienalle 2011 in South Korea. The main idea of sTREEt is described as weaving a functional line to the cityscape,… Read more »

Louis Vuitton Island Maison in Singapore

Famous French fashion house, Louis Vuitton, just opened their newest and fifth showroom in Singapore last week. The new store isn’t just a branch, its a complete glass island-building, designed by Safdie Architects as a part of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel development opened in April of last year. The Marina Bay Sands complex just couldn’t have enough to offer, despite the casinos, restaurants, 3-towers hotel, world’s largest sky park, and the infinity view roof-top pool it sports,  one of two glass-and-steel pavilions Safdie built at the edge of the bay was acquired by the fashion house, and turned into LV’s biggest showroom… Read more »

Kinetic Double-Sided Bench from New York

Recently the family line of outdoor benches got supplemented by a new member –the Polymorphic bench, also known as the Kinetic double-sided bench. A group of ten architects from Columbia University GSAPP in New York created a wavy-shaped unique outdoor seat, that’s made out of plywood and interacts with its users. The unusual construction consists of 119 interconnected elements all attached to a pivot and bolt system. This inventive pattern of connection moves the bench with an occupant’s weight and transforms it in the most comfortable way according to the ergonomic profiles and giving the most comfort, not forgetting the safety (a… Read more »

What the World Eats [STUDY GALLERY]

Photographers Peter Menzel and Faith D’Aluisio have conducted a photographic study comparing the amount of food shopping a family does on weekly basis from different countries around the world. To accomplish such a remarkable comparison, Menzel and D’Aluisio visited 30 families from 24 different countries that include Bhutan, Bosnia, Mexico and Mongolia, and recorded what each family ate for a week. Each family’s profile includes a detailed description of their weekly food purchases. Here is a selection of pictures from their study: The only thing i hold against the photographer, is his depiction of Africa (in the Chad example). Why were other families interviewed… Read more »

Ferrari’s Covered Attraction Park, Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates added to its list of superior form of adjectives (as the tallest skyscraper, the biggest shopping mall, the most expensive fountain etc.) a new attraction – the biggest covered amusement park in the world – Ferrari World – the first theme park for the famous Ferrari. It is situated in the Yas Island next to the capital of UAE Abu Dhabi, very close to the Formula-1 track. 50 meters tall minimalistic red roof of the park, which represents the classic double curve side profile of the Ferrari GT body, covers 200,000 sq m with a perimeter of 2,200 m… Read more »

Peek At: Urban Monuments

How do we usually remember cities and towns we’ve been to? Maybe with some special places, significant moments, friends, even food… Sometimes the monuments and landmarks within a city are the most memorable. Especially when you encounter something extraordinary from the trivial meaning of sculpture, representing a historic heritage, architecture or outstanding size out of respect to a remarkable person.  Modern art gives a different new feeling to traditional places as we know them, adding contrast that makes these places even more attractive to tourists. Here are some unusual tributes to city-architecture around the world: 1- An abstract blocking of  wood and… Read more »

Inside Pixar Animation Studios

PIXAR is one of the most present day successful animation studios and one of the most creative.  It was launched in 1979 as a Graphic Group, making a third of the Computer Division of the Lucasfilm company, by 1986 Pixar was purchased by Steve Jobs (apple ex-ceo) (he paid $5 million to George Lucas and put another $5 million as a start up capital). In 2006 The Walt Disney Company bought Pixar at a valuation of $7.4 billion and made Jobs the largest shareholder in Disney. In1986 Pixar started out with a  small staff of about 45 people, during the years, it grew up… Read more »

Walk through “Your Rainbow Panorama” in Denmark

Now reaching the rainbow became possible with the new installation named “Your rainbow panorama” of the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson. The new project was opened on the 28th of May 2011 on the top of the ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum in Århus, Denmark. Permanent circular vivid walkway of a 150 meters long, 3 meters wide by 3 meters high, gives a 360° colorful view of the city. Eliasson’s creation is 52 meters in diameter (approximate weight of 140 tons), mounted on the 12 columns which are resting on the steel construction on the roof level (around 100 tons). This artistic work… Read more »

Patch Work Pieces and their Stories

A story submitted by: Reham El Sherif, Architect. Cairo, Egypt. The patch work is a widely known style used in upholstery, quilts and wall hangings. Evidence of patch work – piecing small pieces of fabric together to create a larger piece, then quilting layers of textile together – has been found throughout history. Earliest examples have been located in Egyptian tombs. This style of work is very expressive and concerns a lot of creativity to be able to put together different kinds, styles, colors, and sizes of fabrics together and connect them with some accessories to make a beautiful design that can sum… Read more »

Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Center in Iceland

On the 20th of August 2011 Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Center in Reykjavik, Iceland – the home of the Iceland Symphony Orchestra and the Icelandic Opera – was celebrating its official opening. Construction started the gigantic structure on the 12th of January 2007, and had its first opening concert on the 4th of May 2011 while the building was still in final touch-up stages. The Harpa Concert Hall is situated next to the sea reflecting a connection between water and land in its design. The structure’s curtain walls are made of the repetition of a glass and steel semi-crystal panel called quasi-bricks. The… Read more »

An Intriguing Over-ground Home Pool [PHOTOS]

Pools have been always a happy addition to homes with a backyard, while home-pool designs vary drastically, this featured one though has quiet a unique concept. In a Devoto, Argentina home, designer Andres Remy showed off his talent with a modern above-ground outdoor pool elevating from the surrounding landscape with a see-through glass wall. The brilliance behind the design lies in his choice of position of the pool, where the glass side faces the sun for the first half of the day, warming up the water for a dip at anytime. The pool is also oriented to be visible for… Read more »

Night Time Spain Architectural Heritage in HDR

A pleasant set of photos of architectural icons of Spain’s heritage, taken by photographer marcp_dmoz. Pictures have been processed afterwards to generate HDR (high dynamic range) images, making them look like real life paintings.  These are a few examples of Marc’s photos showing his talented eye in snapping Spanish architecture: [Photography Copyrights marcp_dmoz] Related Images:

The Beacon – A New Living Trend in The Netherlands

In the middle of Vijfhoek, part of Deventer’s Vinex area, in the Netherlands, a new residential development, dominated by two and three-story houses, rises a distinct sharp-edged, bold-angled design, Het Baken or The Beacon apartment building. Designed by  KCAP Architects & Planners, the block has the appearance of a boulder, an asymmetrical cube with a skin of slate whose massive form provides space for 22 apartments and a daycare center. Its mass makes it look more like a landmark than an apartment building. Its radical deformation of shape makes room for a variety of apartment plans  [Via: Architecture Linked]

If the World lived in One City… [INFOGRAPHIC]

If the whole world’s population of 6.9 billion people were to concentrate into one giant metropolis, how big would this city be? The graphic below shows the size of territory needed to accommodate the entire earth’s population according to the density of the mentioned cities. The difference clearly shows suburban crawl and the average area of land available for each person in different urban areas of the world.  [tip: to zoom in the graphic, right click the image and open in a new browser tab]  [via: Archdaily] [References: www.persquaremile.com]

Nakahouse  by XTEN Architects

NAKAHOUSE, an abstract transformation of a 1960’s house to a Black and White single-story hillside estate overlooking the Hollywood sign. Designed by Los Angeles based architecture firm Xten, the concept was to project terraces from all angles to maximize views of the surrounding landscape, with a main one connecting the dinning area and the kitchen and an outdoors stairs to the roof deck, steps from one level to another helped it to mingle with the sloped surrounding nature of Hollywood Hills. The inside was completely reinvented to achieve a sleek and modern theme of minimalism. The stark white interiors are made… Read more »

First Images of the 9/11 Memorial at Ground Zero [PHOTOS]

NEW YORK – September 11th 2011: Just a few hours before the opening ceremony of the – now named –  National September 11th Memorial, the first images were revealed to New York’s newest and most popular landmark.  Ground Zero – once a black hole of despair – has seen changes that took 10 years to happen, turning a place that was once tied to the thoughts of millions with death, into a place of calmness, sorrow, and remembrance. The National September 11th Memorial is part of the new World Trade Center development, Consisting of four new skyscrapers surrounding the memorial where the old twin towers once stood…. Read more »

Rabat theatre in Morocco, by Zaha Hadid

Rabat Grand Theatre – a new landmark is going to appear at the heart of Moroccan capital Rabat, by 2014 . The modern design of this multifunctional project that aligns with the wavy city’s landscape, is designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. The building will be situated on the 47,000 sq m land area with a gross floor area of 27,000 sq m. It compromises two theaters, 2050 and 520 seat respectively, an outdoor amphitheater with up to 7000 people capacity, in addition to many creative studios. The cost of this futuristic view on classic theater is estimated at 163 million dollars. The lines of the Grand Theater… Read more »

BMW 328 Hommage: The Dream Sports Car of the 1930s is Reborn

Ever thought about your dream sports car? Imagining yourself driving it down a 2-lane cliff road on the seaside at sunset, thinking of the sound of its motor and exhausts, the powerful acceleration it would acquire, and surely its design lines and how sexy it would be.  Well, a car that satisfies a guys wildest imagination, was just revealed, the new BMW 328 Hommage . The car celebrates the 75th anniversary of the first Hommage that came out in the 1930s, and was considered as a successful leap into the future, due to its design.  The BMW 328 Hommage is specially crafted to… Read more »

Inside Los Angeles: The Watts Towers

The Watts Towers of Watts district in Los Angeles, CA are one of the 9 folk art sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Starting as a fun expression of talent it became a National Historic Landmark in 1990. The building continued for 33 years from 1921 till 1954 by Italian immigrant Sabato Rodia (Sam or Simon). Construction worker by daytime, Sam was creating his towers after work on his private piece of land. He called it “Nuestro Pueblo” which means “our town” in Spanish. The amateur sculptures were made of steel pipes and rods, covered with mortar and… Read more »

A Hidden Wine Cellar for any Room in your House

If you have ever thought of building a Wine Cellar at home, and didn’t have enough space or an extra room for it, then this solution could come in handy for you. An amazingly designed wine cellar that can be built in any ground-floor-room of your house, all it needs is digging a whole in the ground, and the rest is art. This type of wine cellar can be easily hidden and accessed through the floor, where it can have an access door that matches the room flooring to blend with its interior. The guys at Wine Cellars describes it as… Read more »

UAE Billionaire Shiekh Hamad Writes his Name in The Sand; Visible from Space

Shiekh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan of the ruling royal family of Abu Dhabi, decided to spend a few sacs of his millions in what would seem to be a mega infrastructure project in Al Futaisi Island , except , its not. The Billionaire Shiekh decided to write his name in the sand of the island, big enough to be visible from space. He ended up with a giant 2 miles by 1/2 a mile water canal-shaped “HAMAD” !! A satellite image from space confirms the enormous letters of the name “HAMAD” carved into the sand on Al Futaisi Island in Abu Dhabi. Many people are left… Read more »

A Trip to Kenya

This is a guest post by: Cherine Chart I consider myself lucky to have had the chance to take part in one of the most fulfilling experiences ever. I am writing this article after having spent a month in Kenya on a mission trip aiming to reach out to various social groups: street children, boarding school kids, youth, abused women, mentally & physically disabled, etc. Our work was mainly focused on two cities: Nairobi and Naivasha, and I am pleased to share with you some of my personal observations. In a social context, the thing that struck me the most… Read more »

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Straddling the continents of Europe and Asia, Turkey tries to be a bridge between West and East. The portion of Turkey’s land in Europe may be small (about 5 percent), but the country’s largest city, Istanbul, is there. With nearly 13 million people, Istanbul is the third most populous European urban area, after Moscow and Paris. The Asian part of Turkey is dominated by the dry plateau of Anatolia; the coastal areas of Anatolia consist of fertile lowlands. The country, especially northern Turkey, suffers from severe earthquakes. Mount Ararat, the highest point in Turkey at 5,137 meters (16,854 feet), is… Read more »

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