UAE Billionaire Shiekh Hamad Writes his Name in The Sand; Visible from Space

UAE Billionaire Shiekh Hamad Writes his Name in The Sand; Visible from Space

Shiekh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan of the ruling royal family of Abu Dhabi, decided to spend a few sacs of his millions in what would seem to be a mega infrastructure project in Al Futaisi Island , except , its not. The Billionaire Shiekh decided to write his name in the sand of the island, big enough to be visible from space. He ended up with a giant 2 miles by 1/2 a mile water canal-shaped “HAMAD” !!

A satellite image from space confirms the enormous letters of the name “HAMAD” carved into the sand on Al Futaisi Island in Abu Dhabi. Many people are left unanswered about the purpose of the proejct, whether it would turn into some sort of a yacht canal and marina, where he can take his friends for a ride around his name, or would there be some kind of a resort life planned for the name shaped canal. Al Futaisi Island is known for being completely owned by Shiekh Hamad, he inherited it from his father Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Nahyan, the past Prime Minister of Abu Dhabi Emirate, and cousin to Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (1918-2004) the founder of the UAE.

Hamad, also known as The Rainbow Sheikhhas one of the largest car collections in the world at over 200 cars and trucks which are stored in a pyramid-shaped Museum that he purpose built, outside Abu Dhabi and is open to the public free of charge. He constructed the world’s largest truck; a replica of a classic Dodge Power Wagon, but eight times the original Power Wagon size, it has four bedrooms inside the cabin. The vehicle also moves, and it weighs over 50 tons. In 1983 he acquired seven Mercedes 500 SEL, one for each day of the week, which the firm Styling Garage in Germany painted in the colors of the rainbow complete with matching interior. The vehicles also included gun racks on the inside of the boot lid which held several M16 rifles. The guns were painted to match the cars. The cars are now on public view at the Emirates National Auto Museum.

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