An Intriguing Over-ground Home Pool [PHOTOS]

An Intriguing Over-ground Home Pool [PHOTOS]

Pools have been always a happy addition to homes with a backyard, while home-pool designs vary drastically, this featured one though has quiet a unique concept. In a Devoto, Argentina home, designer Andres Remy showed off his talent with a modern above-ground outdoor pool elevating from the surrounding landscape with a see-through glass wall.

The brilliance behind the design lies in his choice of position of the pool, where the glass side faces the sun for the first half of the day, warming up the water for a dip at anytime.

The pool is also oriented to be visible for folks lounging on the living room sofa, to keep an eye on the kids while they have their pool-time fun. The rest of the pool’s perimeter is surrounded by sloped landscape up to its edge, a great blend between natural and urban landscape. 

 [Via My Modern Met, Andres Remi Architects]

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    Awesome photos. I must appreciate the architect or the designer who designed this home.

  • Custom Logo Design

    Awesome! I never seen this type of creative home interior design.. Awesome and such a inspiring photography as well..

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