Patch Work Pieces and their Stories

Patch Work Pieces and their Stories

A story submitted by: Reham El Sherif, Architect. Cairo, Egypt.

The patch work is a widely known style used in upholstery, quilts and wall hangings. Evidence of patch work – piecing small pieces of fabric together to create a larger piece, then quilting layers of textile together – has been found throughout history. Earliest examples have been located in Egyptian tombs.

This style of work is very expressive and concerns a lot of creativity to be able to put together different kinds, styles, colors, and sizes of fabrics together and connect them with some accessories to make a beautiful design that can sum up all the colors used in your house for instance or maybe to add some colors to place.

For me it has been a usual passion to put together extremely different things together to create beauty; and that goes for everything in life concerning friends, family and even food. Hope you like them.


This piece reflects the modern contemporary mood, it’s very eye catching and it creates a focus point in the place where it will be hung in.


It’s a collection of vintage and hand painted pieces that show the magic of Purple and Blue (Hand made from scratch).


The vintage oriental style was the main theme here using those favorite oriental colors the Olive and Golden and shades of brown. It adds Richness and Elegance to the place it will be hung in.


A strong piece of black and silver with new modern accessories, it includes leather, lace, velvet and metals that will
force you to look at it.


As it’s a bright shiny piece that gives life to the place it’s hung in, it’s made out of vintage hand painted pieces along with contemporary pieces to create this sense of power.


It was designed to be very alluring when hung in any place, it will immediately catch your eyes by it’s charming purple and silver colors and it’s contemporary/ modern style.

These decorative pieces were designed & made by a great passion and love with a simple vintage touch that adds a soul to them.

[photography and text copyrights: Illusions – Reham El Sherif]

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