Walk through “Your Rainbow Panorama” in Denmark

Walk through “Your Rainbow Panorama” in Denmark

Now reaching the rainbow became possible with the new installation named “Your rainbow panorama” of the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson. The new project was opened on the 28th of May 2011 on the top of the ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum in Århus, Denmark. Permanent circular vivid walkway of a 150 meters long, 3 meters wide by 3 meters high, gives a 360° colorful view of the city. Eliasson’s creation is 52 meters in diameter (approximate weight of 140 tons), mounted on the 12 columns which are resting on the steel construction on the roof level (around 100 tons). This artistic work stands over 50 meters above the street level and 3.5 meters above the renovated roof area, it is also available for recreational purposes with a spectacular city view, all interested can reach both roof terrace and panorama via stairs and elevators.

The glass forming the rainbow has all the colors of the spectrum giving visitors a different feeling to their familiar city, bringing brightness to the regular landscape, reminding us of some childhood dreams of walking through the rainbow. It’s visible from a far distance and it lights up at night which makes “Your rainbow panorama” a new colorful landmark to the city.

Olafur Eliasson describes his design concept: “Your rainbow panorama enters into a dialogue with the existing architecture and reinforces what is assured beforehand, that is to say the view of the city. I have created a space which virtually erases the boundaries between inside and outside – where people become a little uncertain as to whether they have stepped into a work or into a part of the museum. This uncertainty is important to me, as it encourages people to think and sense beyond the limits within which they are accustomed to moving.”

[Sources: Olafur Eliasson, ARoS

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  • http://www.nexersys.com Lily

    Very neat. What a novel way to view the city. They should build a few of these around the world.

  • julie

    what a great track that would make

  • http://www.quirkins.com Mark

    Would make for a really cool experience. So colorful!

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  • http://www.bingonavidad.com.es Navidad

    Wow, trippy colours! I wonder if as you walked around the circle, your mood with change?

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  • http://messina.bbakeca.com/bakeca-donna-cerca-uomo/messina-1 Donne Messina

    Amazing….Just stunning!

  • http://roma.bbakeca.com/ Bakeca Incontri Roma

    Awesome! Great view!

  • http://www.wix.com/mpfeiferdesigns/stark-raving-sane StarkRavingSane

    I just kinda want to run really fast through there around midday and cycle through all the colors xD

  • Eg0925

    Would be really awesome to ride a bike around with a GoPro Camera :)

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  • http://www.fashioncraz.com/ osaid


  • http://www.fashioncraz.com/ osaid


  • http://www.fashioncraz.com/ osaid


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  • http://magtrends.com/iphone-5-latest-pictures-in-trends/ iPhone 5

    Cool design… :)

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  • joe


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  • http://forum.fashel.net Sam

    Amazing view

    thanks for sharing

  • http://www.printinggood.com/Folders-Printing folder printing

    This is a awsome! Thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.compell.dk Bjarke

    Nice to read about little Aarhus on this blog :-)

  • Ahhoefling

    This thing is pretty cool, but the surrounding area including the building it is on is extremely ugly.

  • mercy

    I went there a few months ago. Brilliant, as was the rest of the gallery. 

  • http://www.fajasshapewear8.co.cc/ Shapewear

    I went here 2 months ago and it was a great experience running around it.

  • http://www.webhelparticles.info/ webmaster tips and tools

    Wow… This is kinda amazing…. Brilliant :)

  • http://www.cbil360.com/ Web Design Company

    Wow… what a exciting colorful rainbow…. seen, nice construction and design work. 


    i wonder if the temperature varies with the color

  • http://www.facebook.com/terciop1 Tércio Pereira

    cool desing XD

  • http://www.logocontestreviews.com/99designs-scam-facts/ 99designs is a Scam

    OMG! This architecture design is amazing! totally colorful and attractive.

  • http://dbakeca.com Dbakeca Italia

    Great pics! Loved them. 

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  • http://dragonvalecheats.org/ Alana

    Very nice…

  • http://www.webdesignbizz.com/ Website Template

    Wow amazing!I am really much surprised to see this rainbow panorama..

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  • Jean

    I’ve been there, it’s amazing! I took a lot of pictures, and my light blue braclet change it’s color when I walked through the different colors! So awesome!

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  • NYCguy

    This would look stunning in bigger cities (like NYC).

  • http://signsudesign.com/ Design a sign

    Thats crazy cool.

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  • Arnold May II

    Trippy cool

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