Inside Pixar Animation Studios

Inside Pixar Animation Studios

PIXAR is one of the most present day successful animation studios and one of the most creative.  It was launched in 1979 as a Graphic Group, making a third of the Computer Division of the Lucasfilm company, by 1986 Pixar was purchased by Steve Jobs (apple ex-ceo) (he paid $5 million to George Lucas and put another $5 million as a start up capital). In 2006 The Walt Disney Company bought Pixar at a valuation of $7.4 billion and made Jobs the largest shareholder in Disney. In1986 Pixar started out with a  small staff of about 45 people, during the years, it grew up a few times more since, and moved to a nice spacious campus in Emerville, CA.

Productions of Pixar have always been very entertaining and patiently awaited; during years of persistent work, the studio won 26 Academy Awards, seven Golden Globes, three Grammy Awards and many others. This year PIXAR is celebrating its 25th anniversary since it became an independent office. Where do they get the inspiration to make the magic happen? Here are some pictures of the one of the most happiest offices to work in!

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